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Flow wand for beginners

Updated on June 18, 2014

How I got into flow wand

Almost one year has passed since I've been to a festival where I've met my new friend, flow wand. It was Ozora psy trance festival in Hungary. Good times, great memories. I remember smiling faces everywhere, a sense of freedom, harmony with the nature and with people, great music... all in one place. Festivals like this one should be a must-go destination for everyone, at least once in a lifetime. It is life experienced in a totally new and fresh way. I would compare it with living in a tribe, that's how I felt during our stay there and I liked that feeling.

To get on the topic, that is where I've first seen that toy called flow wand or levictick, as you wish to call it. I've seen people spin all sorts of flowing and juggling toys and it was impressive but this one got my full attention. I knew I had to get it somewhere, but the woman that was playing with it was foreigner so she couldn't tell me how that toy is named. When I got home I searched for the whole internet in order to purchase it. I googled all kind of words that might refer me to that toy but no sign of flow wand. After detailed search every now and then I gave up until one night I couldn't sleep and I was on internet whole night trying to find that toy again and yey, I succeeded. I finally found what I was looking for for so long and I got myself that long wanted flow wand. Of course I play with it now regularly, it is such a fun levitation toy. And no, it is not for children, it is for everyone that haven't forgot about their child side :)


Why the flow wand?

It is fun, it keeps you in shape, you get to move with it, dance with it, play with it. It can be your hobby or it can be much more than that. You get to develop new skills and improve balance. Illusion part of playing with flow wand is captivating. I think it is a very interesting toy and it is not common to see around.

There are two kinds of flow wand, one has short string and the other has long string. Short string is good for beginners but long string is more fun if you ask me and you will probably want to try it sooner or later. People usually try a short string first and then when they get all into it they go on a next step, long string flow wand. But it is all individual.

It is actually quite hard to find a flow wand for purchase online, I was searching online for a long time and I finally stumbled upon this one:

This flow wand I got for myself and it is quite simple and easy to play with and much fun fun fun. And the price is pretty reasonable :)

Check out this video of a flow wand, I think it is amazing what you can do with a flow wand. The possibilities are limitless and you can just move and go with the flow. And it looks stunning!

Have you ever tried playing with flow wand and if yes, did you like it?

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