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Flying Toy By WowWee

Updated on February 26, 2016

The FlyTech BladeStar and LightStar

This Hub Page features some of the amazing flying toys from WowWee in their Flytech range (BladeStar, LightStar). I am a huge admirer of some of the cool toys from WowWee and also did a lens about the company as well along with other Flytech Toys, This is just a continuation from that Hub and thought might as well add the rest of toys from the range.

"FlyTech" is WowWee's brand used for their flying toys, differentiating them from others toys in the RC category reflecting the unique designs and enhanced user experience. The Flytech Dragonfly was the first to be launched in the range in 2007 followed by other series including the BladeStar, LightStar, Crash FX and Hoverpod.

Here you will find some basic information about these products by if you like to know more about WowWee or Flytech please refer to my other Hubs or others on Hub Pages.

The BladeStar

The FlyTech Bladestar is a revolutionary indoor flying machine with two rotary wings, it flight is based on that of a helicopters, however the entire units spins driven by two high speed propellers spinning in opposing directions, extending from it main body. Sensor-based navigation enables it to glide through the air, avoiding ceilings and flying away from obstacles. BladeStar is also the first flying toys with a built in infrared navigation system. You can even have dogfights with it, and when in flight it looks like a UFO.

Launched in 2008, it also won the Editors choice award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by Popular Mechanics magazine as was refereed to as a technologically advance innovation.


  • Rechargeable helicopter-style flying action
  • Sensor-based navigation enables it to glide through the air, avoiding ceilings and flying away from obstacles - or use just your hands to guide it!
  • Unique hovering action
  • Choose from RC or Autopilot Mode
  • Using AI, guide FlyTech Bladestar with your hands!
  • Attach the dogfight accessory (included) and face-off two FlyTech Bladestar flyers in a mid-air battle
  • An indoor only flyer, perfect for all seasons
  • Wingpsan 12" (30cm)
  • Made from light "high-flex" materials and designed to be crash-resistant

Recharges from remote controller

  • Flight time: approximately 15 minutes
  • Recharge time: approximately 20 minutes

Note: Includes 2 x spare blades, 2 x spare propellers, a Dogfight accessory, and a protective carrying case

The Flytech LightStar

The LightStar is a very similar to the BladeStar, however it differs in that it has colourful neon LED light built in and when spinning in mid air in the dark, looks like a UFO. The LightStar comes in three colours, blue, green and orange. The other noticeable difference compared with the BladeStar is that it is driven by only one propeller instead of two in the BladeStar, instead in its place is the LED light unit. The LightStar is simple in design and controlled by an easy to use ergonomic remote controller. Its light and durable. A simplified version of the BladeStar and a great gift idea.


  • Unique hovering action
  • Awesome glowing LED effect!
  • 10-minute charge for up to 4 minutes flight
  • Fly three Lightstar flyers at the same time!*
  • 1-channel digital IR scroll wheel remote controller
  • Durable, lightweight molded EPP body


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