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Foam Swords and Sparring Swords For Kids!

Updated on April 25, 2013

Why Sword Fighting Is A Good Thing...

I have one son and two daughters six and under. My son is very physical and loves tackling and now he likes sword fighting. It's great because he burns energy and gets his aggressions out. But the problem is that the cool looking plastic swords hurt, and break. In addition, he swings like a wild man at times and hit me in the eye with a cheap foam sword...

This same sword was also broken in the middle and it cut me! So you get what you pay for.

In this article I will show you the very best foam swords as well as some fun cheap ones that you may want to test out for yourself. In addition I will make a few recommendations for sword sparring gear, because even the best foam sword can't protect your eyeballs...

I'll start with the good low cost swords first, and then I am going to recommend higher quality swords that I strongly recommend if your son, daughter, or you are wanting to fight (for fun) regularly.

12 Foam Ninja Swords:

A Fun Cheap Set Of Ninja Weapons For Kids!

This is a fun set of foam swords for a party, or to use and dispose of after they get smashed and broken. And they will over time. But you get twelve so the cost of them breaking is offset by the large number you get for the small price.

I bought this set myself and they were being used so much I had to hide them just to keep my sanity!

For the price and the number of sword you get it's a good toy to have around when it's time to have a ninja fight, or a ninja game. It's also ideal for parties - but be prepared for chaos - fun chaos, that is.

Considering that they are cheap, they do hold up quite well so I highly recommend them for kids ages 4-9. But you be the judge.

12 Ninja Toy Swords!

Foam Ninja Swords Set of 12 - Safe Fun - by Trademark Innovations
Foam Ninja Swords Set of 12 - Safe Fun - by Trademark Innovations

Best option when it comes to price and value. Good for lots of fun at home or for ninja party battles. See others below for more.

kinght foam swords
kinght foam swords

12 Medieval Foam Swords - Knights Of The Foam Table!

These low cost swords are not too bad, and make a good change to the ninja style foam swords above. But the cool thing is you get to play knights versus ninjas. The ninja swords look cooler but these are but longer and beefier.

The may not hold up as well as the ninja swords but they are really cheap so consider getting both and let your children decide.

Since they are longer, they tend to bend a little in the middle, and eventually break. Which is expected for a low cost foam toy, right?

But these are also well worth the money, and you get 12 of them!

Now It's Time For The Higher Quality 'Sparring' Swords!

If you want your swords to last longer, and have more fun you should get these foam sparring swords.

Foam sparring swords are used in mixed martial arts gyms and training academies for kids and adults. They last a long time, and there are many ways to use them for game play, martial arts training, and just simple swordplay.

In my gym the instructor plays sword fighting games at the end of the kids classes every day. The kids love it. He has them play basic sword fighting, and he does exercise drills with them as well. Both tire them out.

I kind of wish the adults played with them after class as well, but we are usually pretty beat up and tired by then. I digress.

The foam sparring swords below are ideal for your children. They can hit hard, and they will last a very long time, which is what I am impressed with the most.

Higher Quality Longer Lasting Foam Swords - The Real Deal!

ActionFlex™ Swords by Century Red 40 inch
ActionFlex™ Swords by Century Red 40 inch

When it comes to quality and price this is by far the best option. These are fun, easy to handle, kids love them, and they last a long time. Highly recommended along with the glasses below (or head gear).


Eye Protection For Foam Sword Fighting:

I recommend getting some sort of eye protection or head gear if your children are going to be swinging at each others heads.

I've tried telling my kids to only hit below the neck area, but it just doesn't happen because they go bananas and turn their heads and swing for the fences at times. Fortunately it's just foam. But try to either get some safety glasses at the very least OR make it eve more fun...

Get masks that protect the eyes. For example you can buy super hero masks or helmets that also protect the eyes. My son has the Ironman mask with does a really good job of protecting the face and eyes from the foam swords. The problem is that it's a little bulky. However, it's cool as heck!

But with that said, I really like the eye protection glasses shown in the image here. They are around $22 but you can use them for all different types of activities and they will last a long time.

Best Sparring Eye Protection For Kids:

Wrap Eye Protection for basketball protective frame For Kid Children Eyewear Sports goggles eyeglasses glasses
Wrap Eye Protection for basketball protective frame For Kid Children Eyewear Sports goggles eyeglasses glasses

I highly recommend these sports glasses for kids because the swords will hit the eyes eventually and it's not fun if it's a hard hit.


The Next Level:

The next level in foam sword fighting is to get a more advanced more expensive sparring sword like the Katana training sword here. They are a little bit harder than the foam swords above, more sturdy, and more fun. But they are a little more expensive. However, if you are like me, you like value and things that last. These will last...

You have to aware that they will hurt a little more because there is a harder inner core even thought the outer is foam.

So get these if you want to have a more serious battle, and get the head gear below.

Your kids will love sparring with them because they are not flimsy, more realistic, and they will make a sound and impact that is more intense but they are more fun at the same time. And it doesn't really hurt that much, in my opinion. And they are also fun for the adults!

Best Foam Sparring Sword:

Red Sparring Foam Bokken Sword
Red Sparring Foam Bokken Sword

This is a very good sparring sword for children, young adults, and even adults. Get this along with the full head gear and you'll have a blast.


Head Gear For Sparring!

Even if you get the cheap ones, you should have some sort of head gear to protect the eyes effectively.

As I mentioned above, it doesn't not matter if you have the best foam sword on the planet. Someone is going to get their eyes poked or their head smacked really hard. Or worse, if one of the cheap ones breaks and creates a sharp piece you could get cut.

That is the worst-case scenario. I am sure your kids will be fine if they don't get too aggressive and you monitor it. My son usually takes it to another level though, so head gear is something we must have. It makes me more comfortable anyway, and the kids don't mind it too much.

I recommend this head hear because it's a higher end product, lasts a long time, and you might be able to resell it on craigslist if the kids grow out of them.

Great Head Gear For All Kinds Of Sports:

Sport Weaponry Head Gear Adult Medium
Sport Weaponry Head Gear Adult Medium

This is the high end in terms of head gear for sword sparring. This will head gear will last, and you can use it for more than just sword sparring - boxing, karate, kickboxing, goofing around :-)


Quality Shields For Epic Duels:

If you want to really load yourself or your kids up with a full epic foam sword fight gear, complete it with a quality shield. This will be fun for everyone, especially your kids. For example, if your son or daughter is not big enough or athletic as you or your son or older daughter, give them a shield as an added advantage.

Or, have a full scale adventure and battle with words, shields, and head gear.

Get creative. It's really a lot of fun for everyone.

The shield pictured here is called a Buckler, made by Cold Steel. It's a high quality shield that you will truly appreciate. You can find cheap plastic ones as well, but like all of these cheaper versions that don't last long.

Solid Shield For Sword Play:

2009948 Cold Steel Medieval Buckler 92Bkpb
2009948 Cold Steel Medieval Buckler 92Bkpb

You'll definitely be the cool Dad or Mom if you get a couple of these. They are good for adult costumes and sword sparring too!


Foam Sword Fighting Rules:

The rules for sword play are simple and they vary. If you do not have head gear, then do not allow strikes to the head.

Secondly, do not allow excessive force when hitting. It's all about the well timed and targeted strike. Not power. Frequently you will get a bigger kid who will match up with a smaller child and he or she may want to hit really hard, and often these strike hit the face or head.

Third, no strikes to the head count as a point. You can change this if you want.

Fourth, no running away or in circles. You must face your opponent and fight.

Fifth, have fun. It's no fun when people take this too seriously. Have fun, get a workout, and compliment your opponent.

Do you think your kids would like these swords? - Tell me what you think of these foam swords and gear by writing a comment below...

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