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Force Unleashed 2 Endor Fighting Han Solo and the Wookie

Updated on January 1, 2011

Force Unleashed 2 Fighting Han and Chewbecca

Han Solo and his friend Chewbecca
Han Solo and his friend Chewbecca

Force Unleashed Fighting 2 Han Solo and the Wookie

After navigating through tons of rebels and ewoks, Starkiller finally arrives at the doors that control the entrance to the shield generator. If one remembers Return of the Jedi movie, this is where Han, Leia and Chewbecca make their last stand on Endor, bringing down the shield that allows the Millennium Falcon to destroy the "uncompleted" Death Star. In the force unleashed 2 dlc endor alternative story, Luke Skywalker has been destroyed, and Starkiller can now reverse the course of history by fighting Han Solo and the wookie and finishing off the rebels.

Force Unleashed 2 Fighing the Wookie

Starkiller needs to destroy the wookie in his trooper machine. This is actually a tough fight. The key here is to use the force power force electricity very wisely. Keep zapping the wookie's trooper machine and then attack the legs as fast as possible. Obviously dodge the bullets and lasers. When Starkiller's health is low, jump around and look for Ewoks to finish off and gain more health. After a while, perseverance pays off, and Starkiller finishes off the wookie.

After inadvertently shooting Chewbecca, Solo is left alone. Next is a cut scene and Solo is rapidly finished off by Starkiller.

Force Unleashed 2 Into the Shield Generator Complex

The next step of the journey involves entering the shield generator complex. The first stage inside the shield generator complex is actually the most difficult. There is a heavy laser beam machine which will annoyingly pester Starkiller whilst he has to fight off rebels who keep pouring out from the doors. To achieve and past this stage, Starkiller has to approach the heavy laser beam and then jump around the laser beam. This is so the rebels' bombs can penetrate the shield containing the battery to the heavy laser beam. It may be necessary to go Force Fury at this stage before being able to pass through this stage.

Once past this stage, the battles are relatively simple, until the final stage of the Force Unleashed 2 dlc - facing off with Leia the Jedi.


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