Black Ops II

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    Game Flexposted 5 years ago

    Black Ops II

    What are your opinions on Black Ops II?

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    UniqueRelicposted 5 years ago

    I am glad that the game is going in new directions but I feel that they will still recycle old concepts. While they have the room to make a good plot the fact we saw Woods in the trailer when he died makes me feel like they will come up with some very stupid excuse for him being alive. Seems like they can't stick to one story. I am sure it will sell well as every call of duty does but for me they are still copying other games. They also had a interview with GTTV. They were talking about how they updated the graphics and everything but yet I didn't see that at all in the trailer. They still use the old IW engine from 2005. I haven't seen many improvements from it. I doubt the multiplayer will be different in any way shape or form from the previous games...hell I don't think the gameplay will be touched in the slightest. In my opinion Black Ops 2 on the surface looks to be making changes but really when you dig into it, it will be the same game as every COD game has since COD4. All in all the concept for the story seems like a good idea but really all they are adding is new perks and maps...hell they even steal some of them from the previous games. COD is now just a expansion for me sold at a full game. Nothing more...nothing less.