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What should I write about in a racing game review?

  1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 4 years ago

    What should I write about in a racing game review?

    I plan on buying and reviewing some racing games for my Xbox One like Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed: Rivals and the Crew (to name a few), and was wondering what I should talk about. The only things that come to mind is the control, cars and tracks, but what other features could I talk about to persuade/dissuade people from purchasing the title? Thanks all for your time!

  2. DATALOAD profile image60
    DATALOADposted 4 years ago

    Although you're looking for a specific answer, I think a template might help. Look up a review template, or game review template on Google. It should give you some ideas on what to include.

  3. profile image54
    Mr Inviincibleposted 4 years ago

    What kind of racer is it? Arcade simulation? Does it emulate that well? Is it fun or does it get dull fast? Did the innovative or copy and pasted what worked from previous titles? You know stuff like that.

    1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
      JohnGreasyGamerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I never would've thought to put that into a driving review! Thanks, I'll be sure to keep these questions in mind for when I get around tot hem ^^

  4. jheldt profile image81
    jheldtposted 4 years ago

    the single player and multiplayer (how they differ)? I don't do reviews but I've written about a few games and game series in the past. Also most reviews give a rating (but you don't have to) but I generally post what you most like about the game and what you didn't like about the game (there is usually always something if minor). Hope that helps? But look up a general game review template and that should work.

    1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
      JohnGreasyGamerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I've been reviewing games on HubPages for 2 years, and elsewhere for several more, but I am referring specifically to driving games, as I review mostly shooter and platform games. ^^

  5. LudoLogic profile image95
    LudoLogicposted 4 years ago

    A good thing I find that works with racing games (and fighting games for that matter) is to evaluate the different modes. It might seem a little obvious, but racing games are usually very feature-heavy in order to stand out from the competition, so that's usually something that can be talked about.

    Another aspect is the online component. Racing games are usually rather competitive these days so assessing how good the online elements are can be a good talking point. Other than that maybe assess the "style" of racing game. Is it a good simulation or a bad one, or is it more party-oriented like Mario Kart - racing games tend to target different audiences.

    Overall though I'd just suggest talking about your personal experience with the game in question. You have a good personable writing style that really captures what you felt when playing a game, so that'll help you out if you're struggling for specific talking points. Go with your instincts as it were. 

    Hope this helps!

    1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
      JohnGreasyGamerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks very much for the comments there LudoLogic! I'll be sure to put your suggestions to use ^^