Is there any way to get dark elixir faster in clash of clans, especially after t

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    Darshan Pitrodaposted 2 years ago

    Is there any way to get dark elixir faster in clash of clans, especially after that spell update??

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    dohn121posted 2 years ago

    I have more than one answer from you:

    1) If you have no regards for elixir, you can spend it on goblins and giants for troops and jump spells to reach Dark Elixir storages behind multiple walls (using Earthquake Spells would defeat the purpose as they cost dark elixir to make).  Use your giants to take the full blunt of the aggro from the base first (I don't recommend using golems as this defeats the purpose of the entire feat).  Then use jump spells to funnel in and skip over the walls to get to the dark elixir storage.  Of course this also works for outside drills as well and you can forgo the jump spells.  However this may cause you to trophies too if you're okay with that.

    2) Move up to either Crystal League or better yet, Master League where you will quickly gain DE each time you win at least one star.  Do this by either attacking outside Town Halls or destroying 50% of each village.  Also, getting involved in your clan walls will help too, especially if you are in a war clan that consistently wins wars, are always active, and are constantly fighting in clan wars.

    3) Last but not least (which is also my least favorite) use gems to boost your drills over and over again.  Obviously, upgrade them as much as possible as a maxed out DE drill will yield the most DE production with each gem boost.