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list some interesting names in the game

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    andylee123789posted 7 years ago

    in any game

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    Ghost32posted 7 years ago

    The most interesting set of names I've noticed were actually part and parcel of the insurance game.  From 1976-79, I worked for a truck insurance company in Nebraska at their Home Office as an underwriter (the kind that cancels your insurance, not the kind that sells you life insurance).  There were 3 key players in the office from whose names you could have made a meal:

    1.  V.P. Claims:  Hamm
    2.  V.P. Underwriting: Frye
    3.  Senior Underwriter:  Baker

    Nobody else in the office seemed to think it was all that funny, though--or maybe it's just that insurance folks have lousy senses of humor....lol

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    earnestshubposted 7 years ago

    I did a milk round as a young man, and delivered to a Mrs Fuc, and a family named duc with a son named Donald. My Dad knew an Englishman named Cathcut Featherstinhall, who he called Cats guts feathers and all. smile

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    Ghost32posted 7 years ago

    You win this round, Earnest.lol

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    CheapMobilePhonesposted 7 years ago

    Mostly the names in Games will be unique but i liked the name "lightning" in Final Fantasy Game.

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    mevsmyselfposted 7 years ago

    Solid Snake
    Liquid Snake
    I was waiting for a Gas Snake to come up but the Metal Gear series ended.

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    lhembree1posted 7 years ago

    i dont get it