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Where to Find Free Printable Sudoku Puzzle Grids Or Play Online

Updated on February 23, 2012

Brief History Of Sudoku

Contrary to the oriental themed image sudoku generally conjures up in the minds of most people who think of the puzzle games, this number game was actually invented by an American by the name of Howard Garns way back in 1979. Back then, Garns' puzzle was called "Number Place" when it was first published in Dell Magazine's "Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word Games" and didn't achieve the more familiar name of "Sudoku" or "Su Doku" until it was picked up by Japanese puzzle magazine publisher Nikoli who first titled it as the very catchy "Suuji Wa Dokushin Ni Kagiru" in a 1984 publication and later, thankfully, abbreviated it to Sudoku in 1986.

It returned to the West when The Times in Great Britain published a puzzle in late 2004 which was greeted with enthusiasm and a metioric rise to popularity which has since spawned all kinds of spin-offs including thousand of sudoku websites, books, board games, computer, video, handheld and console games, t-shirts, mugs, arts and even a few television shows such as the BBC's SUDO-Q quiz show which was loosely based around the theme.

Hailed as the Rubik's Cube of its generation, this puzzler has even given rise to some big money tournaments around the world with prizes in the thousands to competition winners. It remains incredibly popular today with new players picking up their pen or pencil any becoming hooked on a daily basis.

Where Can I Play Sudoku Online For Free?

According to stats released from one source in 2005, Soduko was the 7th most searched term on the internet at that time, and as a result there are thousands of places you can play online and usually for free. Whether you are new to the puzzle and are looking to check it out, or a veteran player looking for new challenges from one of the many variants out there, you'll find it online with a few simple searches. The following are a couple of sites you can try right now, both offer free sudoku puzzles you can play directly through your web browser.

Great Sudoku Gift Ideas and Fun Stuff

The following selection of features some fun sudoku products to buy online. There are thousands of books out there and probably just as many electronic games by now but these are a few of the more interesting sudoku gift ideas and novelty items you can check out on Amazon right now.


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    • Marty Neville profile image

      Marty Neville 7 years ago

      The Wood Expressions Wooden Sudoku you highlighted looks like a perfect gift to a Sudoku addict.