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Wizard101 Review - The Online Multiplayer Wizard Game

Updated on February 7, 2014

What Is Wizard101?

Wizard101 is a popular online MMORPG published by KingIsle Entertainment.

The game is aimed at young children (both pre-teen and teenagers) and carries a E10+ game rating. Wizard101 currently has over 30 million registered accounts, a surprising number of which belong to young adults and even parents.

The popular game of Wizard101 has thrived in a genre that is highly competitive and so I decided to investigate what makes Wizard101 so addictive to people of all ages, I hope you enjoy my Wizard101 review.

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Quick Wizard101 Overview

  • Published by KingIsle Entertainment
  • High playerbase/community
  • Small file size (playable in browser)
  • Extra content available through membership or Wizard101 Crowns

Wizard101 - The Free MMORPG For Kids

My Wizard101 Review

Wizard101 is a unique MMORPG where players take control of a wizard freshly enrolled in the academy for wizards (known as Ravenwood Academy). It definitely has an all to familiar Harry Potter style feel, so Harry Potter fans will definitely start looking around the room for the Sorting Hat.

Character creation is also simplified and mostly accomplished by selecting from pre-determined sets (especially when naming to prevent profanity in names). The voice acting is also very solid allowing players to easily follow the game's instructions as they are presented.

After players have created their Wizard101 account and wizard they must select from 1 of 7 magical schools (Fire, Ice, Balance, Storm, Death, Myth and Life). Players can either manually choose a school or be placed into one based on a series of questions. Overall the school of magic chosen really only defines your early Wizard101 levels, as eventually you unlock the ability to learn spells from other magical disciplines.

Wizard101 Gameplay

Wizard101 Review - Gameplay

The most important part of any game is of course the gameplay it offers and this is possibly even more true for an online MMORPG, especially one that appeals to both children and adults. How can the gameplay (mostly combat orientated) be both fair and exciting for these very different demographics? Well Wizard101 may have achieved it through their turn based card combat (more on that later).

Players move and interact with the game world in all the standard ways, WASD movement combined with various interfaces which are triggered by keyboard short cuts or use of the mouse.

All combat is turn based and players enter combat through various 'duel circles' which support battles up to 4v4. Player spells are accessed through various spell cards which are unlocked as players progress. Players draw cards from their deck each turn and can cast any of the spells they have drawn from their deck (players have 30 seconds to select a card). This allows Wizard101 combat to exciting and fair to all its demographics.

Wizard101 uses two different currency systems. There is the gold system which players gain for completing quests and defeating enemies and the Wizard101 Crown system which must be purchased with real money but can be used to purchase more powerful items or unlock extra game content.

Wizrd101 Crown Shop

Conclusion & Information For Parents

Overall the gameplay of Wizard101 is exceptional and there is no doubt in my mind that it deserves the title of one of the most popular online MMO experiences. The sheer fact that game appeals to such a wide demographic is a sign of its great gameplay.

Wizard101 is only let down by its limited available content (unless you purchase a Wizard101 membership or Crowns). So let that be a warning to parents before they introduce the game to their children be prepared to at least part with $10 or $20 for the extra content (it is definitely worth it). You can rest easy knowing your children and the Harry Potter fan inside them is well looked after on Wizard101. It's safety features are next to none with the best feature being the limited chat available (users can only use pre-set words and phrases).

Wizard101 Pros & Cons


  • Great graphic and art style.
  • Plenty of quests to drive the story.
  • Many online safety features for children.
  • Turn based combat required no gaming experience.
  • Feels like Harry Potter.


  • Limited amount of free content available
  • Combat can feel slow at times
  • Too restrictive if you aren't a child.

Wizard101 Music Video

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    • profile image

      Kevin 4 years ago

      I reckon Wizard101 educates much more than any other game, ROBLOX has a non-family friendly environment, I find Wizard101 not a time waster, they actually learn much stuff there! My kid knows how to read, write, and how to pronounce certain words.. ROBLOX taught my kid complete trash, my daughter even ended up getting the word "a**wipe" thrown to her, which you know I don't approve of. Wizard101 chats filter is amazing, so safe. Probably the best online game ever made in a parents sight. I don't think ROBLOX is best for children, nor teens. I think that ROBLOX should be changed to an adult site, because it certainly acts like one. I think they have the best customer service, I always get an instant response from KingsIsle staff, which I love. The community always celebrates holidays, and I do too. My kids enjoy this game so much, considering that I only have 50,000 crowns, I'm able to save it for every holiday, gifting my children what they want, IF they do better in school, which they have! Honestly, Wizard101 is really great, not a bad game, however, they can make the game a bit more free-to-play than it currently is.

    • Game Obsessed profile image

      Game Obsessed 5 years ago from Australia

      I think you'll find there are a lot of games out there for kids that teach them lots of moral values and also inspire their creative side (such as Roblox).

    • profile image

      Saz 5 years ago

      This type of game is to waste kids time. Kids don't learn their education and get smart in gaming which is the cause of bad society. Most become junk and few rule. So I don't like to play and I like to rule. Thanks and Goodluck.