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10 Games Like Flappy Bird

Updated on December 15, 2014
Flappy Bird hit its last pipe.
Flappy Bird hit its last pipe.

The creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, decided to take the game down at the peak of its glory, despite raking in $50,000 a day. He said Flappy Bird ruined his simple life. Well, I’m not sure if he knew this decision would ruin the lives of thousands of people, too.

If you are late in joining the bandwagon or simply want a new game to waste your time, then here are games like Flappy Bird that are just as difficult, frustrating and strangely addictive.

1. Ironpants

A games like Flappy Bird but harder

If Flappy Bird didn’t give you enough challenge, then you might meet your match with Ironpants. This game has very similar mechanics with Flappy Bird. Instead of keeping a bird alive, you play as a superhero that goes through wooden boxes. You might notice that the towers are not spaced out, which means you don’t have much time to plan your flight path. Ironpants has an infinite scrolling layout. The game ends when you hit the wooden boxes, which I guarantee will happen very often. Ironpants is free for Android and iOS.

2. Fly Birdie

A game like Flappy Bird but easier

Fly Birdie is very similar to Flappy Birds in the sense that you control a bird and guide it through pipes. However, the pipes in Fly Birdie are really spaced out, which makes the game much easier compared to its original counterpart. If that doesn’t sound easy enough, then get this: you have three lives. Yup, that’s right. You can crash that little bird three times before the game ends. Free for iOS.

3. Piou Piou vs Cactus

A game like Flappy Bird with a bit different mechanics

After rising to stardom out of nowhere, Flappy Birds has seen clones flocking through the app stores. But did you know that Nguyen has been accused of stealing, too? The developer of Piou Piou vs Cactus has said that Nguyen ripped his game off, particularly pointing out the similarities between the bird protagonists. In this game, you fly a bird through spiky cacti. What’s different is that you do not immediately die when the bird gets poked. You can run into as many obstacles as long as you don’t get pushed off the constantly accelerating screen. Free for Android.

4. Clumsy Bird

A game similar to Flappy Birds with an Angry Birds theme

This game rolls Flappy Bird and Angry Birds into one. You will instantly recognize that familiar red bird from the other famous mobile game, only this time you will be guiding it through the woods in order to reach its eggs which have been stolen by the bad dragons. Flap the wings by tapping anywhere on the screen and avoid tree trunks that block your way. Clumsy Bird does not sport 8-bit graphics, but its difficulty isn’t far from the original.

5. Splashy Fish

A game like Flappy Bird with cool unlockables

Tired of flying? Then you might as well give swimming a try. Splashy Fish lets you control a fish (duh) and guide it through obstacles. Tap on the screen to keep your fish alive, avoid obstacles and find treasures beneath the sea. Garnering points also unlocks special trophies that make your fish look cooler. At 50 points, your fish will be sporting Rockstar Glasses. How cool is that? Splashy Fish is free for iOS.

6. Flappy Pig

A game like Flappy Birds where you fly a pig

Alright, back to flying; but this time let’s fly some pigs! The pig in this game grew wings in order to escape the mad butcher. Flappy Pig has the same mechanics as Flappy Bird. Tap the screen and control the flying pig as it goes through tree trunks, with apples positioned between them for some delicious treat. Keep your cute little pork chop alive and enjoy this fun game! Free for Android.

7. Shuriken Block

A game similar to Flappy Bird from the same creator

Shuriken Block is also created by Dong Nguyen, and even though it doesn’t have similar mechanics, it still makes for a great alternative for Flappy Bird. As the game’s title suggests, the objective of this game is to block shuriken from hitting five men who do not seem to care about having their heads cracked open. Tap the screen to deflect throwing stars, which gradually increase in number the longer you play the game. Free for iOS.

8. Bee Leader

A game like Flappy Bird with pretty graphics

Buzz around different worlds and hover over flowers to collect nectar. Collect goodies along the way such as nectar, honey, time and bee buddies! More bee buddies means more nectar for you. How sweet is that? Be the best bee leader you can be and help the bees fill their hives with honey. Bee Leader has very beautiful graphics and you have the choice of controlling your bee by touch, tilt, or using a joystick. Free for iOS.

9. Duet Game

A survival game like Flappy Bird

Duet Game isn’t anywhere close to being similar to Flappy Bird, but it falls in the same “keep ‘em alive” category. You control two spheres in an orbit, one red and one blue. You can only spin either to the left or right, and you need to avoid the obstacles that drop from the top of the screen. This game is very challenging and suspenseful, intensified by its hypnotic background music. Duet Game is not free ($2.99 on iTunes), but it’s definitely worth the money.

10. Impossible Road

A game similar to Flappy Bird that's extremely difficult

The rule is simple: keep the ball on track and score for each gate you pass through. Easy enough, right? Not really. Impossible Road lives true to its name because very soon you will find that this game is frustratingly difficult. The first few twists and turns are easy, but it soon becomes a horrifying roller coaster ride. Impossible Road is $1.99 on iTunes.

All Images Courtesy of Their Respective Game Developers

Which game like Flappy Bird will you play next?

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    • profile image

      Tim Beachum 

      4 years ago

      Here is another great Flappy Bird style game that you will enjoy. The name of the game is Samurai Butterfly -


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