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Fun Games to Play With Friends When Bored

Updated on March 7, 2018


So you’re at your friends house for their birthday party, or maybe for a holiday celebration, or possibly even just to hang out. An awkward mood has settled so.... what now? You could play a game! Wait, but what game? You could play truth or dare, maybe two truths one lie, or how about 20 questions? But do you really want to play a generic game that just about everyone there has probably played hundreds of times? Instead, try out these unique and interesting games!


This game works better with larger groups. First of all, everyone stands in a circle. Next, someone will count down from three, and when the person counting says “zero,” everyone has to look at someone else. If any two people are looking at each other, they are out of the game. Continue playing like that until there are two players left. Those two players are the winners.

Signal copy

A medium sized group is best with this game, although a small group can also work. Too many people can make this game overly complicated and confusing so split off into groups if the group is too large. Prior to this game, everyone needs to come up with a signal (not too complex or too simple). This signal can be things like blinking a certain amount of times, clapping your hands twice and patting your lap, putting up a few random numbers using your fingers, etc. All the signal needs to be is some bodily gesture that can be visually seen (no making noises or talking). In this game, everyone sits in a circle. Pick one person to start. The person starts by doing his or her signal, then does the signal of someone else in the group. When someone does your signal, you must then do your signal as well, then do someone else’s signal. Anything such as hesitation, messing up a signal, and talking disqualifies you from the game. This goes around randomly in the circle until there is one person left. He or she is the winner.

Rock Paper Scissors Train

Everyone knows of rock papers scissors right? It normally wouldn’t be a game most people would play at a big party. However, this changes with Rock Paper Scissors train! This game is most enjoyable with big groups. Everyone gets a partner and starts playing Rock Paper Scissors. Whomever among the two loses will go behind the winner and follow him or her while they look for a new partner to play with. Losers will keep following the winners, who will be at the head of the “trains” until there is only one winner with a huge train of people behind him or her. He or she wins!

Hide n seek switch

Note: this game will not have a winner and will just go on as long as the players would like. Just like normal hide n seek, there is one seeker, and the rest are hiders. The seeker will find one hider and once found, the seeker and hider will switch positions. The new hider can choose to say in the location or find a new one. This process repeats over and over until players get bored of the game.

Scribble art

This game is recommended for smaller groups, however, it will also work for big groups. You will need paper and pencils for this game. Pair up with someone. Draw a random scribble on a sheet of paper and give it to your partner and vice versa. Now with the scribble given to you by your partner, you will draw anything using the scribble as your starting template. After you finish show others your work, and either admire something funny, amazing, weird, or really deformed [not everyone’s an artist ;)].

Classic games

Well, you may enjoy those games, but there are always the classic games that are always fun, but you may not remember. Here’s a list of them to refresh your memory:

-Hide n seek

-Truth or Dare

-Two truths and one lie

-Would you rather

-Capture the flag


-20 questions


-Tag (and variations of it)



And etcetera.


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