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Gaming Computer – System and Accessories Requirements

Updated on October 14, 2019
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The author hails from South Indian village, situated in the South-West coastal region. He is into farm science and agriculture.

Computer games

Like any other games computer games also very interesting. This keeps you engaged for a lot of time without worrying about anything in your surroundings.

A very good set up of the computers and its accessories are very much essential for a gamer to perform up to his/her capacity. It is the mind and the body coordination which works and the performance rewards for completing a game. A gamer just like any other contestant feels frustrated when he cannot complete up to the expectations.

Naturally, one has to have a gaming computer and the accessories setup. Actually, it is not only the computer and the participant alone in a game but it involves many things such as the processing speed which actually enables the game player to perform the most of his ability without any lagging because of the processor getting heated up or the data transfer which does not happen at a required speed for processing or the ports which do not analyze the data in the required speed. There should be a high-speed multi-core processor with two or more gigahertz speed well coordinated by enough gigabytes of RAM, at least eight GB and an instantaneous transfer of data between the input devices the processes and helping you to make it happen seamless gaming. Most of the top games are now interactive with the internet and other community of co-participating gamers, geographically distributed across the different continents.

Every garden requires flowers, the same way a gaming desk requires some accessories like headphones, mike, mouse, keyboard, etc., which are setup beautifully on a computer table and a nice modular and ergonomic sitting arrangement for the gamer prince!

Gaming Computer
Gaming Computer

Accessories required

Buy computers and accessories from reliable sellers, who will provide you with after-sales service. It is important, because, subsequently if any complication arises, there must be some help on phone call.

It is important to choose the best possible items at economic pricing to satisfy the following.

  • Gaming entertainment
  • Less hassle during the playing
  • Harmless outputs
  • Low power consumption.

The purpose of a gaming desk setup is for a personal engagement for joy. The performance also should meet the objective.

Tiny tots from the age of six up to sixteen are highly fond of games. At this tender age, these games should not impair their eyes, ears and the mind. Therefore a very good computer system, which works coolly and the monitor pleasant their eyes and the sound systems to suit the ambience are important. Monitors with brightness controls and light sensors are good. 180-degree viewing must be possible for these computers because it can be viewed by the parents or their friends simultaneously. The monitor must refresh quickly within milliseconds so that their high frame rated of these games should provide real-time enjoyment.

Very good fittings, including a good revolving height adjustable, flexible chair and a height-adjustable multi gadget table, are very good.

The room lightings must be from all the four sides so that there will not be interference and strain on their eyes.

It is always good to have a speaker system and a stand microphone, even though it would be a little bit costlier compared to headphone with mic. It is because the headphone with mic had a lot of heat and sweat generation on the one hand and high decibels of audio might impair the ears and the brain. Therefore will place audio system with 7.1 channel sound system are very good. Speakers may be felt like a nuisance, but it would always give a signal regarding how much time the kid is continuously playing. The parents are well aware of the doings of the kids, so that good care could be taken, it will be also possible, to monitor whether the kid is active or sleeping while the gaming system is on.

There should be airflow from all the sides of the room to keep the health of the kid with good oxygen availability.

Computer systems and accessories

Here are some specifications of the various setups so that the aspirant can decide the best for him/ her.

  • Computer CPU
  • Monitor
  • Sound system
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Internet service
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Footrest

A low height stool or stand can be good so that the seating is comfortable. Ideal one is seat and height adjustable revolving chair.

CPU System requirements

• 2.3 GHz processor Octa-core

• 16 GB RAM (4 x 4 GB)

• 4 GB Video memory

• 128 SSD, 1 TB 7200 HDD

• N Vidia Gforce Video card

• Sound Card

• 180 degree 19” monitor with 8ms updation speed

• Gaming Mouse/ joystick

• Backlit Gaming Keyboard

• 7.1 channel surround sound system

• Headphone with mic

• Broadband Internet with speed up to 500Mbps (megabits per second) or 50 MBps (megabytes per second)

When your gaming PC fulfils all these requirements then the gameplay is very smooth and never stressing you out in an FPS game.

Ultimate entertainment

The total setup would be such that the kids can enjoy well. They may relax while playing as well as they would refresh after the gaming. Long term playing should not cause dry eyes, spondylitis, hearing problem, lack of alertness etc. Total planning with holistic setup would make the arrangements make the kids and their parents feel proud and worthy spending on the gadgets. The investment made will remain up to date after years and the system may be useful for future studies as well as gaming programme development and apps development with minor upgradations in the future.

Computer gaming arrangements
Computer gaming arrangements

Future is bright

Several gamers opt games as their career i.e., e-sports or they stream online on many platforms such as social media including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Novolive, etc. It will be worthwhile for the gamers for making out some income over there. Gaming can be a way in which you make lots of friends, virtual communities and clans, which will enrich your mood and make you feel comfortable, satisfied and relaxed.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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