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RC Gas Powered Trucks For All

Updated on January 7, 2011

RC Gas Powered Trucks - Not Toys!

Today's rc gas powered trucks are truly extraordinary in that they run on gas, (or nitro) can take a beating, and are incredibly fast. What started out as a hobby, a way to get out of the house and play with a remote controlled "toy", has now become an entire industry of hobbyists that have taken the "toy" out of the name. You won't find many people who are not awe struck when they see these amazing models in action, and often people who do watch the races or see others navigating their rc gas powered trucks and cars over rough terrain, become so mystified that they just have to get one for themselves.

Watch the video to see just how fast and tough these gas powered monster trucks are!

The rc gas powered truck or car is much more than just a way to have fun and share your dream of fame and admiration with a crowd, not to mention your skills as an rc driver, it is also an amazing hobby that allows you to become your car's creator, mechanic, and innovator.

Although you purchase these trucks and cars as a kit, you can modify the whole thing in every way. You can purchase parts write down to the frame and can build your car 100% from scratch if you want to. Many enthusiasts actually end up doing this. In many ways, for some enthusiasts, building the car is more than half the fun. And it's even more satisfying when you spend a lot of time building your car then take it out and tweak it for better performance.

To get the best performance from a rc gas powered car truck or car, it's worth investing time in tuning the engine correctly, as this video shows.

As you improve your car in terms of performance, and you acquire the skills to control your car to do some pretty amazing stunts or to start winning races, you will experience the excitement of the crowds starting to cheer you on. There is a certain liberating feeling you get when racing your car and bringing it to life in front of an audience. This feeling never stops getting better and if you think your going to put the car away after awhile, think again - you'll probably be hooked.

Where To Buy RC Gas Powered Trucks And Cars

These high performance rc trucks and cars are becoming easier to find in local hobby stores, but don't confuse them with radio control toys costing only a few dollars (or pounds in the UK). If you are struggling to find a decent stockist local to you, then a quick online search for the major makes such as Tamiya, Traxxas or Team Associated, to name just a few will soon turn up some very reliable and well established online rc hobby stores.

And don't be frightened of the auction sites. Hundreds of rc gas powered trucks and cars are bought and sold on eBay with no problems, because many of the well established suppliers use the auction sites, and you may well be able to get a great truck at a bargain price.

RC Gas Powered Trucks - Comments

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  • nbhumble profile image

    nbhumble 6 years ago from Staffs, UK

    There's no doubt about it, when it comes to rc cars, buggies, trucks and truggies nitro/gas is the only way to go - the sound of that screaming engine just adds something that sets them apart from electric powered. I think some people are just put off nitro because they are affraid of their reputation of being unreliable and difficult to start, yet nothing could be further from the truth provided you follow sound advice such as that featured here. For further information on nitro r/c cars visit

  • profile image

    RC Trucks 8 years ago

    Great article got excited watching, the second one was very useful and informative