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Gil Webber Dance Class 5 Pack Monster High Doll

Updated on March 18, 2014

Gil Webber Doll 2013

Tired of looking for a Gil Webber Doll? Have a look at this upcoming 5 pack monster high dance class doll 2013. They are already release and you can now find them on your local store. This set includes Gil Webber in her new dance outfit.

This set of doll also includes Rochelle Goyle Dance Class Doll. If you only bought Howleen Wolf, you are very lucky because you can now complete this collection without having two lagoona, robecca or operetta. But I know, you wouldn't care about that because what important now is we can have him at last!

You can check the current online price HERE

At last! - He is coming!

Monster High Dance Class Dolls with Gil Webber
Monster High Dance Class Dolls with Gil Webber

5 Pack Dance Class Doll with Gil WebberCHECK PRICE

Until now I'm still searching for the latest update of this set. For now, lets be patient and enjoy the hunt!

Latest news, I have found a picture of them in a box and from left to right it was, Rochelle Goyle, Gil Webber and guess who's beside him? Opcourse Lagoona Blue, and then Robecca Steam and Operetta.

I am so excited now! I think Rochelle is very cute!

Looking on eBay? - Here are some of the current offers

The price is still higher so I think It's worth it if you can still wait a little. The offers here are almost double of the expected price.

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