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Disney Princess Frozen Elsa Costumes

Updated on November 30, 2014

Girls Frozen Princess

Princess Elsa of Arendelle
Princess Elsa of Arendelle

Disney Frozen Toys

Frozen Merch Is Sold Out Everywhere and Parents Are Losing . . .
Frozen Merch Is Sold Out Everywhere and Parents Are Losing . . . | Source

The Most Wanted Princess Costumes

Elsa Costume Frozen

Which will be your little girl's favorite princess dress? Chances are in 2014 the answer will be Princess Elsa or Ana from Arendelle. But some girls prefer to Pick from all of Disney princess dresses, like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Jasmine, one of these princess dress is sure to to be your little girls favorite one to dress up in for pretend play. Whether your little girls dream is to dress up as Rapunzel from the hit movie Tangled or one of the Frozen Princesses they are all here!

Frozen Princess Elsa Costume

All little girls love to dress up! And 2014 is all about Elsa and Ana. The icy princesses from Arendelle are both gorgeous and the costumes and princess accessories are just as gorgeous as the dolls.

Frozen Girls Costume Accessory

Princess Elsa Shoe

The must have slipper to complete the Princess Elsa costume. Ice blue shoes with a heel that is fit for a princess. To make this shoe perfect the pair is decorated with gorgeous silvery sparkles. Your little girls face is sure to light up when she opens her new shoes!

Elsa Princess Costume

2014 best princess dress up for girls
2014 best princess dress up for girls

Ice Princess

Elsa Of Arendelle

If there is anything that this past Halloween showed parents all over was that Disney's Frozen hit movie has created a whole new category of costumes and dress up for their kids. Whether your daughter wants to be Ellsa or Anna, her brothers all seem to want to be Olaf or Sven! But we will save the snowman and the reindeer for another day as this hub is all about pretty princesses.

Elsa in her icy sparkling blue "Let It Go" gown is all the rage when it comes to dressing up. And this Christmas is no different. Elsa reigns supreme as the number one princess girls want to be.

Elsa Costume

Princess Shoes
Princess Shoes

Girls Frozen Costume

Princess Elsa Costume Shoes

Pretend play never had it so good until the hit movie Frozen hit the streets last year. And no princess dress up is finished until you have the shoes to match. For all beautiful Disney Princess love her slippers and the Frozen Princess Elsa costume needs these shoes. But now with Christmas so soon you will need good luck in finding a pair frozen shoes, probably one of the hottest girls gifts right now.

Princess Anna

Anna of Arendelle on the day of her sister Elsa's cornonation
Anna of Arendelle on the day of her sister Elsa's cornonation

Disney Frozen

Princess Anna

Not an icy princess like her sister Elsa, Anna of Arendelle is much more down to earth. Her everyday dress is pretty but it is her coronation princess dress that seems to be the most sought after girls costume this year.

Anna's dress is a lovely dress that has a black velvety bodice with character cameo and gold lame trim, sheer blue cap sleeves, and a full golden sheer overlay skirt with printed glittery red and green flowers and green satin underskirt. Includes a pink tulle petticoat! Officially a Disney licensed costume!

Dress Up Under Slip for Girls

every Princess needs the 'pouf' for their dress to hang right making sure she has the 'princessy' look
every Princess needs the 'pouf' for their dress to hang right making sure she has the 'princessy' look

Princess Costume Accessories

Elegant Slip

When she wants that princessy look the the 'pouf' is the key accessory for the gown to hang right. This accessory gives the added touch for the perfect Halloween costume. This is to add the extra fullness for that genuine princess look without being uncomfortable make sure to complete this girls costume with a mutli-layered ruffled skirt.

The princess slip shown here has a soft underskirt and elastic waistband to fit girls of all sizes.

Little Girls Full Slip

  • Not itchy as the fabrics and trim of this slip are soft and and easy to wear.
  • Machine Washable
  • A must have for princess dresses
  • One size fits all, as it has an Elastic waistband
  • Fits most 3 to 5 years
  • Slip length measures 19 inches
  • Made In the USA

Princess Elsa Gloves

Elsa with gloves at her coronation
Elsa with gloves at her coronation

Elsa Costume Gloves

Princess Accessory

When kids want to pretend play scenes from their favorite movie no girls princess costume would be complete without the needed accessories and other dress up props. Princess gloves are the perfect gift for a little girl. Especially if they are the magic gloves that Elsa wears in the Disney movie Frozen. The princess gloves will look stunning and they will keep your princesses hands warm!

Disney Frozen Princess

Elsa Tiara
Elsa Tiara

Princess Accessories

Sparkling Princess Tiara

Any girl that like to dress up as a princess will sparkle with this Pink Princess tiara. This pink fabric-covered headband is iridescent with acrylic gem and sequin accents. This princess headband is perfect for birthdays, your princess costume, or just for fun. Fits adults and kids!

Disney Princess Snow White

Snow White Dress Up Costume for Girls
Snow White Dress Up Costume for Girls

Let Your Princess Dress

  • As Snow White
  • Traditional Disney Snow White princess dress
  • Attached cape to keep your princess warm when she goes Trick or Treating
  • A perfect addition to your little girls dress up wardrobe
  • Kids costume size Small fits 44" tall and 25" waist
  • Dont forget the Snow White dress up shoes
  • Inspire imaginative play with a princess costume for your little girl

Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty Princess Dresses
Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty Princess Dresses

What Every Princess Needs

Disney Princess Galore

Girls Princess Dress Up Costume Sets

3 Piece Costume Dress Up Set

includes 3 Princess Dresses and 5 different princess Accessories


Costume Dress Up includes 21 pieces

  • 4 costume shirts,
  • 3 princess skirts,
  • 2 headbands for princess dress up,
  • 1 tiara, 1 choker, 3 bracelets, 1 pair of earrings, 1 necklace, 3 rings and storage trunk
  • Princess decorated trunk with closure becomes a beautiful storage trunk for all your Princess costume dress up items
  • Fits all girls sizes 4 - 6x

The Belle of the Ball

Princess Belle Kids Costume
Princess Belle Kids Costume

Beauty and The Beast

Disney's Beautiful Belle

Sooner or later this Disney favorite princess Belle will be the one your little girl asks for. This kids costume is sure to make your girl be the belle of the ball any day at any time. The princess dress is a sparkly organza overlay, highlighted with red roses, drapes over a yellow china dress silk underskirt.

A costume that she will love all year round, so this Christmas get the girls gift so she can start her reign. Her royal highness will call on this princess costume and time again.

The DisneyTangled Princess Dress

Rapunzel Princess Dress Up Costume
Rapunzel Princess Dress Up Costume

Rapunzel Princess

Girls Dress up Costume

A tale as old as time, oh wait that was beauty and the beast. Here we have another Disney classic princess and her name is Rapunzel. Last year she had a hit movie Tangled and this is one hot princess still in 2012. Let your little princess feel like Rapunzel in Tangled, where all her dreams will come true as she wears this shimmering authentic Disney costume. Now she can go running and racing and dancing and chasing in this sparkling outfit fit for a great night of Trick or Treating.

This Princess dress includes a glitterey purple and white velvet bodice that is adorned with beautiful silver sequin lace and popping purple criss cross trim. The sleeve is trimmed as well in the perfect 3/4 length sleeve.

Rapunzel Princess Dress Up Accessory

Officially licensed wig from Disneys hit movie Tangled
Officially licensed wig from Disneys hit movie Tangled

Princess Frozen Costumes

So if you are finding yourself this Christmas 2014 season scratching your head asking yourself where to find elsa costume, remember its here that you found that girls princess costume your little princess has been asking for. From the Princess Elsa shoes, her must have coronation gloves to any Disney Princess its all here.

Just remember that this is the year of the Princess in the icy fairy tale so it's a Frozen toy, that will be the gift for girls this year. Mark my words!

Dressing Up - Tangled Wig

Princess Rapunzel Wig

For Girls

A Princess like Rapunzel needs her long flowing hair to complete the Tangled Look and this Tangled wig is anything but tangled. This dress up wig is long and lush blond hair with a side part. A little girls costume accessory that is made to go perfectly with any of the pink princess costumes. Make sure to complete this princess with this flowing wig of beautiful long blonde hair.

The Princess Elsa Braid

no girls princess complete without Elsa's blonde braid.
no girls princess complete without Elsa's blonde braid.

Princess Elsa's Hair Style

Many Disney Princesse's have re created certain hair style but the prettiest one has to be be Elsa's braided hair styles. A flowing blonde gorgeous kids wig can complete your girls dream princess costume. Whether you choose the braid that Elsa wears or her sister Ana braid your girl will love her pretend play time more then ever.

Princess Elsa's Tiara and Braid

Princess Costumes for Girls

Elsa Costume From the Hit Movie Frozen - 2014 gift for girls
Elsa Costume From the Hit Movie Frozen - 2014 gift for girls


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      CHRIS 6 years ago

      PLEASE PLEASE can you let me know where i can buy the little girls dream princess costume

    • wavegirl22 profile image

      Shari 7 years ago from New York, NY

      Pamela- is there anything prettier than see a Princess on Halloween! Thanks as always for the uplifting visit!!!

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      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      Beautiful page of things to delight little girls. I love the way you have displayed the pretty dresses.