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Buy a Glow Pillow Here

Updated on August 26, 2013

Get a fun glow pillow for someone you love!

Have you seen a commercial for a glow pillow on TV? I have been seeing these commercials for awhile on kids' television channels. My kids are enthralled with them!

Glow pillows are a fun concept. With a squeeze or a button, depending on the pillow, you can make it glow with beautiful colors.

This is the perfect nightlight pillow for kids to keep in their bed, for older kids, tweens, teens, and adults. Not that adults NEED a nightlight though, right?

I love the beautiful lights and the pillows look fuzzy and comfortable. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. Check out the selection I have for you below.

Buy Here or check it out below.

Bright Light Pillow As Seen On TV - Starlight Square - The Original Glow Pillow

This is one of the original light up pillows that you have seen on tv. It is perfect for a kid's room, and tweens and teens would love it too. Dare I say adults would love this fluffy lighted pillow also?

Bright Light Pillow As Seen On TV - Pink Beating Heart
Bright Light Pillow As Seen On TV - Pink Beating Heart

Squeeze this heart shaped pillow and it lights up pink! The pillow uses 3 AA batteries and turns off automatically after 15 minutes. Perfect amount of time to fall asleep!

This is the perfect pillow to send your boyfriend too, especially if it is a long distance relationship. And guys...her heart will melt if you send this to her!


Bright Light Pillow As Seen On TV - Pink Beating Heart - The Original Glow Pillow

The second Bright Light pillow is shaped like a square. The LED lights inside are guaranteed not to burn out. Also, the lights are cool to the touch, so there is no need to worry about burns.

LED Lighted Pillow- White PawCHECK PRICE

Heart Pillow 7-color LEDCHECK PRICE

LED Lighted Pillow- StarCHECK PRICE

These three fun, plush pillows use 3 AA batteries and are button operated. The pillows are each about 12" by 12" by 2". The lights change color automatically.

Choose a paw, a heart, or a star to decorate your child's room. These pillows are safe to sleep on! So much fun!

This is a great gift for anyone you love, especially if they are far away. It is a great sentimental gift.

Amico Battery Powered Decorative 7 Flashing LED Light Plush Pink Smiling Star CushionCHECK PRICE

Amico Smile Star Design Color Changing LED Light Toss Thrown Pillow WhiteCHECK PRICE

Amico Aqua Color Smile Star LED Light Lamp Throw Toss Cushion PillowCHECK PRICE

This happy little star shaped pillow comes in three colors: Pink, White, and Blue. This makes it perfect for any room, or you can buy all three and display them together.

The pillows each measure about 15" by 13" by 4". They are powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). The only drawback mentioned in the reviews is that there is no timer. If the pillow is not turned off you can run through the batteries.

I think these would be wonderful decorative pillows for the nursery. Just don't put them in a newborn's or young baby's bed! Set one in the rocking chair or glider, or even on the dresser. You can turn it on at night for a soft glow.

Glow Pillows on eBay - Selection of glowing pillows on offer

Signing up on eBay is easy and free! Many of these auctions are actually But It Now, so there is not waiting!

Which glow pillow did you like best?

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