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Gravitating Towards Mario Kart 8

Updated on August 26, 2013

The Next Entry in the Long-Running Mario Kart Series is Racing to the Wii U!

In Spring 2014, Mario Kart 8 will come to a screeching stop at retail outlets and be available for purchase. Ever since Super Mario Kart was taken for a test drive on the Super Nintendo in 1992, Nintendo has made it a point to release the massively popular series on every console that followed and, once a powerful enough handheld was manufactured, namely the Gameboy Advance, every handheld as well. The Wii U entry will incorporate a number of elements from the previous games in the series, but it's also going to treat gamers to one or two new tricks as well, including racing in anti-gravity! The Mario Kart series continues to take racing to new heights, from performing flashy tricks while in the air in Mario Kart Wii to taking to the skies via the glider or continuing the race underwater in Mario Kart 7 and now, racing while upside down, sideways and at angles never before imagined in the series!

Photo Courtesy of MarioWiki

The Race is On: Mario Kart 8 in Action - HD Graphics, Miiverse Interactivity and Anti-Gravity Racing Await

Has Mario Kart 8 Gotten Your Heart Racing in Anticipation? - Do You See Yourself Getting Behind the Wheel When Mario and Pals Return For a New Round of Racing?

How Does the Next Entry in the Mario Kart Series Look to You?

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Anti-gravity Racing Looks Off the Walls Fun

Racing Up, Down and Now Upside Down the Streets of the Mushroom Kingdom

When I heard about how Mario Kart 8 was going to incorporate anti-gravity racing into the mix, I thought to myself, "seems like a natural enough progression of the series to me," and immediately became a fan of the new concept. The previous game in the series, Mario Kart 7, saw underwater racing and featured brief periods of gliding, and before that, Mario Kart Wii featured off-the-wall tricks and stunts. The days at the Mario GP just seemed to keep getting crazier and more wild, so it really doesn't surprise me now that Mario and friends are going to racing all across the great 3D plane this time around. I feel this opens up many possibilities in creating creative tracks and new, challenging obstacles along those tracks, as well as intensify the races and make for a more exhilarating gaming experience. Racing upside down and along walls will test the skills and concentration of Mario Kart players like never before and doing so while racing against up to eleven other item-armed, CPU-controlled or human racers is sure to get the adrenaline rushing! I believe Mario Kart 8 will offer a kind of gaming experience far more intense, breathtaking, fun and challenging than what's been seen in the previous games in the series.

A 360 Degree Blur - Twisting, Twirling, Tilting Tracks

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Are You For Anti-gravity or Anti-Anti-gravity? - Cool Concept or Terrible Train Wreck of an Idea?

Do You Like the Idea of Anti-gravity Racing?

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There's a Little of Each Mario Kart in Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 May Have a Gorgeous Fresh Coat of Paint and Break the Laws of Physics in New Ways, But It's Still Mario Kart

Mario Kart 8 is a brand new game in the series, but underneath all the flashy new parts and paint, much of what makes Mario Kart Mario Kart remains. Although there is a lot that has yet to be revealed, some previously used ideas and concepts from the previous games are making a return in this one. Starting with Super Mario Kart, coins reappear and serve to assist in boosting the speed of your kart. Moving on to Mario Kart 64, items such as the Spiny Shell and Golden Mushroom return among others first introduced in that entry in the series. Next from Mario Kart Super Circuit, the inclusion of retro courses is again implemented in the upcoming entry. Now onto Mario Kart Double Dash!!, the Bob-omb returns as an item and the idea of each character having the option of more than one kart is again in play, although in a vastly expanded state, even more so potentially than in Mario Kart 7. From Mario Kart DS, online play was first introduced and online play is again available in Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart Wii's bikes and twelve-racer concept both make a return. Mario Kart 7's underwater racing and super glider feature both will be utilized.

Racing Along Familiar Roads - Coins, Bikes, Gliders, Retro Tracks and More

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Racing Down Memory Lane - Mario Kart 8 Picks Up Ideas Along the Way

What Previously Introduced Returning Ideas Are You Looking Forward to the Most?

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Who's Joining the Race So Far

All Confirmed Characters

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Princess Daisy, Toadette, Wario and Waluigi are all known to be returning. This is most certainly not the final list of all characters that will be included in Mario Kart 8. Waluigi and Toadette both return to the races after sitting out Mario Kart 7. Whether or not those characters that first took to the tracks in Mario Kart 7 return in the new Mario Kart is anyone's guess. Considering how many playable characters there were in the last console Mario Kart, it's a fairly safe bet that Mario Kart 8 will match or exceed that number.

Choose Your Character! - Out of Everyone Confirmed, Who Will You Take to the Track First?

Who Will You Race as First?

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Who Should Be Put Back Behind the Wheel? - Pick a Character From a Previous Mario Kart That Needs to Return!

Who Do You Want to See Added the Most?

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Retro Revival - Race Once Again on Tracks From the Past

Ever since the release of Mario Kart: Super Circuit for the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo has included race tracks from previous Mario Kart releases in the newest release, with the exception of Mario Kart Double Dash!!. Typically, the tracks from the previous games undergo some sort of modification to make use of the new concepts introduced in the latest Mario Kart, although that's not always the case. The current trend seems to be if a retro track has been revisited in a previous Mario Kart release, it won't be revisited in the newest Mario Kart release, so time will tell if that trend holds true for the upcoming game. In Mario Kart 8, a total of three retro courses have been confirmed so far and more are sure to be shown in the coming months. As of now, two tracks from Mario Kart 7 are known to be in the newest Mario Kart, and they are: Music Park and Piranha Plant Slide. From Mario Kart Double Dash!!, Dry Dry Desert is returning.

Photo Courtesy of MarioWiki

Pre-Order Mario Kart 8 Today! - Also Check Out Some of Mario's Earlier Races!

Some fans of the series have been racing since 1992. Others joined later and have never thought once about turning in the keys. Share your thoughts on all things Mario Kart - including Mario Kart 8, of course!

Share Mario Kart Memories and Discuss Mario Kart 8! - It's Been a Long Road Since Super Mario Kart Hit Stores, Yet the Race Goes On!

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