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A guide to the Zerg in Starcraft

Updated on March 17, 2016

The Zerg’s strength lies in numbers so make sure you have plenty of Hatcheries ready to spawn reinforcements. Most Zerg units are not as powerful or as durable as those of the other two races Terran and Protoss. They are however generally faster to create as well as swifter moving. The dreaded Zergling can be created particulary fast and en mass and can be used to perform a Zergling rush early in the game hopefully before your enemies have prepared any defences. Also remember all Zerg units are biological and will heal when out of combat given enough time, occasionally you can cycle your units to take advantage of this remember Zerg units can burrow to take advantage of this fact if no enemy detectors are nearby.

Defilers this Zerg unit has no conventional attacks and it takes some time to evolve all its special attacks. Dark Swarm protects ground units from airborne attacks; Plague causes damage to enemy units particulary biological ones.

Drone the basic unit of the Zerg used to gather resources, they also mutate into Zerg structures making them an important and necessary part of the Zerg force.

Hydralisks are the core unit of many Zerg forces; they launch spines in a ranged attack that is potent against both ground and air targets. Like all Zerg Hydralisks are more potent in larger groups or at least 8 or more. In the Brood Wars expansion they can also be upgraded to Lurkers.

Infested Terrans are only available if a Queen has infested a damaged Terran Command Centre. These zombie-like infested soldiers attacked in a kamikaze fashion exploding and causing substantial damage to nearby units.

Ultralisks are the Zerg’s most powerful ground unit; consider it like a powerful melee tank. Its disadvantage is its size that allows numerous smaller foes to overwhelm it if left unsupported. This also makes it difficult to use them en-mass.

Zergling the basic ground unit of the Zerg, they are extremely weak and die easily they make up for this by being both cheap and spawning in pairs. They attack up close in melee combat making them vulnerable to massed shooting attacks. With upgrades Zergling's become incredibly fast moving and swarms can rapidly tear down enemy structures with the sheer speed of their attacks. They can also be used for the infamous Zergling rush.

Overlords these are multi use air-borne units. The first and main use is increase the potential size of the Zerg horde, the more Overlords you have the more Zerg units you can create. The other uses are they are detector units and are the Zerg’s transporter unit.

Scourge are small air-borne creatures that like Zerglings also spawn in pairs. They attack by suicide bombing other flying units this causes serious damage and can put paid to enemy air-born attacks.

Mutalisk are fast but not powerful air-borne like all Zerg more effective in large numbers as their attack bounces to other nearby units. Multilisks must be created in order to evolve them into either Guardians or Devourers.

Guardians are evolved from Mutalisks; this slow but powerful air-borne bombing unit have both lethal hitting power and range but can only target ground-based structures and units meaning you need air support. The best Zerg unit for this is Devourers.

Devourers are evolved from Mutalisks, these air-borne units are strong anti air units but are incapable of firing at ground targets. Best use en mass along side Guardians.

Queens are an air-borne support unit that do not attack conventionally, instead relying on special abilities to aid your assaults. They can infest an enemy unit with a Parasite enabling you to see what that unit can useful for spying on the enemy. They can also Ensnare slowly down enemy forces and allowing you to use your Zerg speed to greater advantage. Queens can also spawn Broodlings causing the host to explode and releasing 2 small Zergling like creatures known as Broodlings. Queens can also infest damaged Terran Command Centres

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