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Guild Wars 2 Awakening

Updated on September 2, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Awakening Quest

Guild Wars 2 Awakening quest starts with defeating the shadow of the dragon
Guild Wars 2 Awakening quest starts with defeating the shadow of the dragon

Guild Wars 2 Awakening

In Guild Wars Awakening, the hero must head through the dream world and protect the dream world from the shadow of the dragon. Only then can the hero successfully move into Tyria and the Caledon forest to start Guild Wars 2 proper. As the hero enters the massive world of Tyria to start this adventure of a lifetime in Guild Wars 2, the hero can be overwhelmed by the enormous amounts of playing and battle options available to the hero. This will provide a brief guide and synopsis of how to enjoy the various elements of game play when the Guild Wars 2 and the Awakening quest begin.

Guild Wars 2 Begins

Guild Wars 2 begins with the hero having to choose between the races of Tyria. The races that the hero can take on are the Charr, the Asura, the Norn, the Sylvari and the Human. The eight professions of the hero include the mesmer, the guardian, the necromancer, the thief, the engineer, the warrior, the elementalist and the ranger. As the hero elementalist, the hero can specialize in the element of water, fire, earth and air. The hero will continue to make choices in his background before venturing out into the dream.

Protect the Dream

The hero will speak with Caithe's spirit. She urges the hero to enter the dream and protect the dream. Move into the dream and push past the nightmare hounds. As the hero elementalist, the hero can use his fire attunement abilities. At low levels, these fire attunement abilities include

  • flamestrike - standard flamestrike attack
  • dragon's tooth - a flaming tooth strikes the enemy from above.
  • phoenix - an area attack setting enemies on fire
  • wall of fire - sets up a wall of fire to burn enemies
  • fireshield

These abilities will be gained as the hero attacks enemies and gains experience.

At the end of this quest, the shadow of the dragon will arise to attack the hero and his comrades-in-arm.

Help the Residents of Caledon Forest

Defeat the shadow dragon and you will be transported to the Caledon Forest, where the next stage of the awakening quest continues. Within the Caledon Forest, the hero must first speak with the warden requisitioner and acquire one's gear. Then speak to Warden Arondele in the northwest area of the Caledon Forest. Bring up the map to see this area. There will also be a waypoint here which the hero can use to fast travel to once it is activated. The hero will be sent on a quest to help the residents of Caledon Forest. This quest involves investigating some dangling arms. When these arms are pulled (press "F" on PC), undead emerge. Defeat these undead using a mix of the elementalist abilities above. The hero should do one arm or undead at a time, and be aware of other arms nearby throwing damaging projectiles at the hero. If the hero is overwhelmed by engaging in too many undeads, then he will sink to his knees and adopt a series of survival attacks. If the hero presses enough buttons on the keypad and is fast enough, these undead will be defeated, and the hero will rise again. Otherwise the hero will become a miasma of mist and can be drifted away from the battlefield to manifest into physical form again.

Once the undead are defeated, return to the warden (green asterisk marker on minimap) and claim your reward........ and the next quest in the awakening saga in guild wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Area Events

As the hero travels to the next warden for another quest, he may encounter area events where heroes from around the area can come together and defeat some monsters. The shadow of the dragon battle is one such event. Around the Caledon forest, these events can include defeating fireflys, defeating larvae and defeating mosquitoes. With the defeat of these creatures and completion of the main event, the hero will get rewards. Try this out if the hero has some time to spare from the main quest. An interesting main event is to protect a prince as he attacks more undeads in the Caledon Forest.

Get the Troll Salve from the Trolls

Otherwise, proceed on in the main quest. The warden now requires the hero to get the troll salve from the trolls. This is needed to counter the poison. Again follow the map towards the green asterisk. The hero will be required to enter an instance.This is a solo mode where the hero has to fend for himself and complete objectives by himself. In this case, it is quite obvious what the hero needs to do - clear a path through the troll barricade and then find the troll salve. And then defeat the boss of the awakening quest.


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