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Guild Wars 2 Engineer Builds

Updated on April 11, 2013

GW2 Engineer sPvP, WvW and PvE Builds

Engineer is one of the most confusing class in Guild Wars 2 for a lot of new players, maybe because this class skill setup works a bit different with the engineers different kits and elixirs, but this class doesn't have to be hard to play, you just need to know the basics of the engineer and have a great build in order the succeed with this class.

The engineer is one of the least played classes in Guild Wars 2 and this is something we should take advantage of, especially in sPVP and WvW, people generally don't know much about the engineer and how to play it, and most people don't know how to counter the engineers attacks in PVP either, this gives us who play the engineer a great moment of surprise were we leave our opponent confused and dead!

I'm now going to list some of my favorite Guild Wars 2 Engineer Builts that I think is just fantastic, both WvW, sPVP and PVE builds. Just keep in mind that it's never a good idea to follow a build 100%, always adapt the build you're copying and make it your own build, maybe replace a skill, change a trait or use different armor and runes; because we all play this game different and that's why it's important to play the game you want to play it.

Builds and Tips for Playing the Engineer in GW2

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Builds
Guild Wars 2 Engineer Builds

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Guild Wars 2 - Engineer PvE Build and Guide

In this video they talk about a fantastic PVE build for the engineer in Guild Wars 2. You will need to stack some Precision and crit´╗┐ damage with some power if you want this build to work as intended. You will do some amazing damage with this build if you use it right. The maker of the video talks about what to think about when placing out your traits and why you should pick them. He also go into what gear you should acquire, he recommends getting the Beserker set (Power, Precession and Critical chance) this is not everyone can afford but the gear can be obtained fairly cheap on the trading post. Check out the video to get the full build and guide.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer sPvP Rifle DPS Build

This is not the most advance build but the video dose a good job explaining how you should use each skills and what to think about when playing the engineer in sPVP, this video is great for new players in the game or if you just started playing the engineer. Great video, very educational. Check it out down below to see this great little GW2 Engineer sPvP Rifle DPS Build and Guide.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Dual Pistol sPVP Build

Here's another sPVP build for the engineer. If you use this build you have a fair chance of kicking most classes in the game in a one versus one fight. You will stack some impressive dots (damage over time) or condition damage as it's called in Guild Wars 2 with this build. You won't see any huge numbers and crits but you will do insane damage. With this build you got a lot of survival skills and tricks you can use to avoid damage from the enemies, making you hard to kill. Check out the video down below if this feels like an engineer build that would suit you.

sPvP Engineer 'Pyrotank' build (Flamethrower)

This engineer sPVP shield and pistol build focus on survivability and staying alive with the help of the Elixir R and the healing Elixir H, you will be doing AOE condition damage with the flamethrower with this build, using it to do some decent damage on crowds of enemies and be able to push back enemies from allies with the flamethrower. In the traits you will be going for 30 points in the Firearms tab and that will give you the trait Juggernaut which will give you a massive boost while you carry the flamethrower, 200 toughness and you get might every 3 seconds that last 15 seconds.

If this sounds like a build for you I would suggest you check out the video down below.

Guild Wars 2 - Healing Bomb Engineer (Mark II) Build Guide (sPVP)

A healing build with crazy survivability using dual pistols and medkit and bomb kit with a mix of survival elixirs. This build hasn't the highest damage but it will be hard for you to die using this build, making it perfect for protecting bases and bunkers, it's really annoying facing a engineer like this in sPVP, it refuses to die! Check out the video for more detail explanation of the build, what traits and armor to use and how you should play this build.

Engineer Burst Glass Cannon WvW static discharge Build

Like the title suggest this build is a glass cannon, that meaning you will be able to do some crazy burst damage with this build but you won't survive for very long, for example if you bump into a group of enemy players in WvW you won't survive unless you run away. This build is really fun for a short period of time or if you want to run around killing lost and confused players in WvW. But it gives absolutely no support to your team mates, you will just be a fragile killing machine, which of course is great fun too. Down below is some gameplay with this build and you can find the build itself and the traits used in the Youtube description.

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