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Guild wars 2 gem cards

Updated on February 28, 2013

Guild wars 2 gem cards

You came to the right blog! I will explain what Guild wars 2 gem cards are, where to get them and what cool things you can unlock with them. Guild wars 2 gem cards make great gifts for Guild Wars 2 fans!

If you are a Guild wars 2 veteran, then just dig in into the main part of the blog, if not, check the info about Guild wars 2 gem cards at the start.


What are Guild wars 2 gems

Know everything you need to know about Guild wars 2 gems!


Gems are an ingame currency used to acquire various benefits.The areas of improvement are as follow:

- style (various clothing and appearance upgrades, town clothes (social armor))

- consumables

- various services

- various boosts

- minifigures, also known as minipets

- account upgrades- character slot expansion, world transfer, bank expansion (30 slot) Digital Delux Upgrade (glory bonus, influence bonus, Summon Mistfire Wolf elite skill, temporary banker golem, a mini Rytlock)

- character inventory bag upgrade

How to get Guild wars 2 gems? - One of the rare Guild wars 2 gem cards.

This Guild wars 2 gem card grants you 2000 gems. You do not need a credit card to get gems, you can use them at the ingame store or other locations for whatever items you need.

2000 gems can buy any item in the game, even the costly Digital Delux Upgrade.

"Show your support for Guild wars 2 by getting one of the Guild wars 2 gem cards "

The most useful items from the gem store in my opinion

Buying these with Guild wars 2 gems might be a good idea

Character slot expansion grants 1 character slot for 800 gems. You start out with five slots, so for trying out eight different professions you have to have at least eight slots if you do not want to delete your previous characters (hard to do in a RPG and after some grinding). There are even more combinations for race/profession, so these are extremely helpful!

Bank slot expansion cost 600 gems and with the starting inventory its use practically doubles your storage space (adds 30 slots)! Nifty for us lovable hoarders. Sorry but i need my hoards of tokens.

Inventory slot expansion are in my opinion less useful than bank slots, but still awesome! They cost 400 gems and add another bag slot (maximum of 160 slots in your inventory, fully upgraded- not bad at all).

Total makeover kit changes your character in every way (gender, skin color, body proportions, face characteristics etc.) but race and profession! Costs 1400 gems for 5 kits for 350 gems for one.

Hair kit changes only your hair. Costs 250 for 1 kit or in bulk of five you save 250 gems (5 kits for the price of four).

Fine transmutation stone merges the look of an item and stats of another. Great for character customization! Costs 800 for 25 stones, 200 gems for 5 stones and 360 gems for 10 stones.

Other style tab items (they can not be purchased anywhere else)- various armor skins and town clothing, glasses, aviator caps, etc.


Less useful items from the gem store in my opinion

Buying these with Guild wars 2 gems might not be such a good idea.

The following items are in my opinion money sinks. They make your life a lot easier time wise, but can be purchased after the important upgrades are maxed out. Most of these items are consumables, meaning they can only be used once per item.

- Bank access express- bank access anywhere

- Black lion merchant express- a merchant anywhere (selling/buying basic items)

- Black lion trader express- a trader anywhere (auction house)

- Basic transmutation stones- can not transmute high level items

- Instant repair canisters- armor repair (armor breaks very slowly)

- Revive orb- slow revive after you are completely dead (only good for glitching)

- Various boosters (all boosters are so-so useful, only karma and magic find boosters might be worth buying with gems)

- Miniature packs (you can get miniatures much cheaper at the trading post)

- Dye packs

- Tournament tickets


Some of the armors from the Guild wars 2 Gem store - You may like some of these armors!

There are a few armors shown in the video for you to get the feel of the armors.

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A kind farewell!

I hope this blog was informative!

I hope this blog helped you find all the information needed on Guild wars 2 gems. See ya and enjoy Guild wars 2 as much as you can!

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      Never played this game! Hopefully i would play soon.

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      I am glad that I have find more info about this wonderful game!

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      Great game

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      I know nothing about Guild Wars, but I'm sure my son would love this information!