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Guild Wars 2 Increase Traits

Updated on September 18, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Increase Traits

Guild Wars 2 Increase Traits
Guild Wars 2 Increase Traits

Guild Wars 2 Increase Traits of Elementalist

In Guild Wars 2, after the hero has opened up his favourite weapon skills slots, the hero does not stop becoming more powerful. The prowess of the hero can be increased by distributing points to increase the hero's traits. This will focus on the hero elementalist, although the same technique can be applied for other professions. It will guide the hero elementalist in deciding which trait to increase so that the hero can be most useful or most playable for the individual gamer's playing style.

Elementalist Fire Trait

For the hero elementalist who wants more and more and more power, and wants to inflict the most damage on the enemies possible, then the fire trait is the one to increase. Before the fire trait can be increased, the hero needs to buy the adept trait manual from the elementalist trainer. One such trainer is available near the sylvari race starting area in the forest. The manual itself does not come cheap and will cost the hero 10 silver pieces. Hence it is worthwhile to do lots of quests and save up on these pennies before using them to unlock and then increase the trait pathways.

With the adept pathway so unlocked, the hero can put points into the fire trait pathway. This will allow the power of the elementalist to increase. The duration of his spells will also increase. The elementalist's spells will inflict more damage and will last over a longer period of time. When five points have been added to the fire trait pathway, the hero will unlock a selection of fire traits. For this particular hero who wants more firepower, a chance to create burning damage is adopted.

Once this is unlocked, the hero will add more points into the fire trait pathway until a total of ten points is added. This will then unlock a further selection of fire traits. For this particular hero who wants more damage, a damage intensive selection is chosen.

In Guild Wars 2, defeating enemies is based on damage per second and it is a tug of war between damage caused to the enemy and damage caused to the hero. Without healing or stun effects on both sides, the question that comes to mind is "who will die first?". It therefore makes sense to increase the damage per second of the hero by choosing the fire trait.

Watch as the hero's fireball spell causes more damage, and his glyph of storm spell causes more damage and also lasts longer.

Other Element Traits for the Elementalist

Although one may want the hero elementalist to specialize and become a fire supremo, that ambition will have to wait, because one can only unlock the master level of fire trait at the 40th level. That leaves 20 points to distribute between level 21 and level 40. The astute hero may want to distribute these points into two of the other elemental traits to sub-specialize. The traits are described below to help the elementalist hero decide which pathway he wants to choose (for example, speed and lightning, or water and healing, etc)

  • Air Magic - increases precision; critical damage increased. With Zephyr's Speed comes the ability to move 10% faster.
  • Earth Magic - increases condition damage by a certain amount; toughness increased. With Stone Flesh comes the ability to gain more toughness.
  • Water Magic - increase healing by a certain amount; vitality increased. With Soothing Mist comes the ability to regenerate health.
  • Arcana - increase boon duration by a certain amount; recharge rate increased. With Arcane fury comes the ability to increase fury.

Get More Slot Skills for the Hero

As the elementalist becomes more powerful, traits are not the only thing that the hero can increase. With the unlocking of five slot skills in each tier, the slot skills in the next tier will be unlocked. This will concentrate on the unlocking of the pre-elite slot skills.

These slot skills include -

  • arcane blast - blasts enemies with arcane energy creating critical damage.
  • glyph of renewal - revives allies with different attunement effects.
  • armor of earth - protects the hero with earth armor.
  • lightning flash - teleport to target area.
  • conjure lightning hammer - manifest a lightning hammer in the hero's hands and at target location.
  • conjure earth shield - manifest a magnetic shield in the hero's hands and at target location.


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