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Harley Quinn's Revenge Defeat Harley Quinn

Updated on November 29, 2012

Defeat Harley Quinn

Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge - Defeat Harley Quinn
Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge - Defeat Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn's Revenge Defeat Quinn's Thugs to Clear the Way to Quinn

In Harley Quinn's Revenge, it's Robin turn to take out Quinn's thugs. First Robin will examine Batman's belt and ponder where the Bat is. He will come to the conclusion that the Bat has been captured by Harley Quinn. Robin must rescue Batman. Next he will walk out of the exit and take out some of Quinn's men. This will guide Robin on how to tackle Quinn's thugs and then find and defeat Harley Quinn herself.

Robin has a slightly different skill sets and repertoire compared to the Bat. Robin is also more mobile and dexterous, but he has less armor and health, so he must move fast past enemies and use gadgets to take them down before they can retaliate (much).

Harley Quinn's Revenge Rescue Batman

To rescue Batman, Robin must find a path past more of Quinn's men and then find the Joker's room. Robin can use sneak and then silent takedown, or he can use brawling attacks and gadgets to stun and take down these thugs.

Finally, Robin will arrive at the Joker's room. This is a room or a shrine dedicated to the Joker and will have a giant inanimate Joker in the room. In the giant Joker's grasp will be the Bat. Robin needs to unlock the Joker's globe that hold the Bat captive. However, the control is with Harley Quinn. So make your way out of the room and go look for Quinn.

Harley Quinn's Revenge Defeat Harley Quinn

Eventually, Robin will make his way into an area with a series of metal scaffolding. Here Quinn has set up shop with her boys. Quinn starts off with an overwhelming number of thugs by her side patrolling this area. Robin must take down most of her thugs. However, Robin cannot take down all the men completely. There will be at least 2 or more men left who will appear at the site when the other men are taken down. So Robin must eliminate enough men to even the odds and then take on Quinn.

The way to defeat Quinn and her men is to swoop down from high position onto one of the men near a corner and then use the downed man as bait to attract other thugs to the corner. Corner take-down the other men and then when enough thugs are defeated, it's time to take on Quinn.

Go into high position and wait for Quinn to be positioned away from the remaining men. Then swoop down and try to sneak up behind her. Force her into a corner and Quinn cannot easily retaliate. Defeat her and proceed into the next part of the quest.


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