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Harry Potter Masks - Harry Potter Character Masks for Adults and Children - Costumes too

Updated on June 21, 2011

Harry Potter Masks - Halloween and Special Effects Masks

Not surprisingly much of the more complicated costume effects in the Harry Potter movies were created via CGI. So in order to really emulate the looks, Harry Potter masks will be needed. Makeup really wont cut it to get the more fanciful appearance of Dobby the House elf or Voldemort down.

All of the major characters in the Wizarding world arcana are available here, as are a few of the minor characters.

In addition to masks, one can find detailed guides to Harry Potter outfits, wands and broomsticks at the conclusion of this guide on Harry Potter masks.

Choices include:

  • Voldemort
  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Hagrid
  • Dobby The House Elf
  • Dementors
  • Death Eaters
  • Mad Eye Moody

Authentic Harry Potter Latex Masks

Harry Potter masks are not just about authenticity, although we have only picked out the most authentic and usually officially licensed options here, latex masks are also about comfort, if you are wearing a mask for a length of time, you will desire a quality piece of work that is the approprioate size.

Pick between Child and adult sizes carefully depending on the wearer.

The Great Wizards - Voldemort and Dumbledore

Halloween and costume parties are an opportunity to explore different identities that call to you. If your drawn to the Harry Potter characters then you should be first considering the characters that reek of power.

 "He was tall, thin and very old, judging by the silver of his hair and beard, which were both long enough to tuck into his belt. He was wearing long robes, a purple cloak which swept the ground and high-heeled, buckled boots. His blue eyes were light, bright and sparkling behind half-moon spectacles and his nose was very long and crooked, as though it had been broken at least twice."

Hagrid Masks
Hagrid Masks

Harry Potter Masks - Hagrid

"He is about twice as tall as an average man (too big for an ordinary-sized broomstick) and five times as wide, and has a long mane of shaggy black hair and a beard that covers most of his face. Hagrid's hands are as big as dustbin lids and his feet in their boots were like baby dolphins. He has light skin and dark eyes that glint like black beetles."

Hagrid is a Half- Giant, and he makes for the perfect Costume opportunity for a tall and robust fellow that would look ridiculous masquerading as a school child, but has a little to much girth to pull off Dumbledore, Voldemort or Snape.

Since the trademark of Hagrid is his long hair and beard, a amsk will be necessary for most who choose to costume as the Hagrid Character.

Dobby Masks
Dobby Masks

Dobby The House Elf masks

I love Dobby!

So he had to be included, buy  the mask and hands and you can have a great authentic Harry Potter world ,Dobby costume for under $50 USD

It would take amazing talent to pull of a Dobby look without the Dobby mask.

To be an authentic Dobby, you should memorize a few quotes and adopt his fun mannerisms.

"Kreacher will not insult Harry Potter in front of Dobby, no he won't, or Dobby will shut Kreacher's mouth for him!" cried Dobby in a high-pitched voice.
"— kicky, scratchy!" cried Peeves happily, now pelting bits of chalk at the elves to enrage them further. "Tweaky, pokey!

Death Eater Masks and Costumes

Those who swear allegiance to Voldemort and wear the Dark mark are Death Eaters, their roles in the last movies will be heightened.

With a mask, robe and wand you can quickly transform yourself into a Death Eater.

Mad Eye Moody Masks - Harry Potter Masks
Mad Eye Moody Masks - Harry Potter Masks


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    • wvierra profile image


      8 years ago from Collinsville

      Wow! I am impressed, I love those mask. I am a big harry potter fan, as strange as that may sound coming from a person of my age. The detail in those mask is awesome, I will surly check them out when I get more time and money.

    • prettydarkhorse profile image


      8 years ago from US

      Except Dobby, hehe, Maita

    • Jane@CM profile image


      8 years ago

      I could scare anyone with this collection!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks for the lovely selection.

    • LeanMan profile image


      8 years ago from At the Gemba

      Nice hub, I will have to get the Hagrid mask as I am around the same size, although I keep getting called Harry Potter because of my glasses!!


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