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Vampire Secrets DS game

Updated on January 11, 2015
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Feeling a bit Puzzled?

I've never really been into video games, at least not unless they were at an actual arcade. I still prefer the arcades but they are falling fast so when you want to play, what do you use? Well Being as we do not have our game systems hooked up (old school playstations No idea how to hook up but the Sega Saturn I sometimes hook up to my tv when I DO want to play with a bigger screen or a type of game I do not have for Nintendo DS. I have the the Original DS now they have a 3d version? (Which I think came out a year or 2 after i got the original) Is there anything newer?

Anyway it has been quite some time since I purchased a game for it so I came across this & I like vampires & mysteries so I thought why not!

When i first saw the game I wasn't exactly sure what it was about but I thought I'd take the chance anyway, besides it's something to relieve cabin fever & break up the monotny of my day.

The game has the mystery of finding the character Claire at her grandmother's house, and there's little clues left around and areas that have hidden objects.

Clair gets visions and they give some clues to where you will be g next and what you will be doing. There's also hidden object games and there are also puzzles. Some of these puzzles are VERY vauge as to clues to what you do, for instance there's one I just was trying to figure out that I looked for a cheat (see below its the one from the hospital) it just says to pay attention to the letters and colors and honestly, they should have so saiad to just pay attention to the first letter on each of the files as well as the color. I was however playing the game late, I also lost my patience with the lighthouse puzzle and eventually just skipped it.

Along the way you find books, these 'books' have a clue to a puzzle in them, but you don't always get a book in that 'level' that actually goes with it. Some of the object games are challenging as sometimes the item is hiding in a dark area on the screen, or they will post is as another name than what you may know it is or picture.

Do you like these types of games?

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The Final solution

Some puzzles are fair, other's hard and others (well, maybe it was just that I have been playing mostly at night), can be hard to the point of frustration. One puzzle I stopped put the game down & came back to it later and I got it the first time back! This is a good game for those that like doing Brain Games, Luminosity and those sorts, as there's a variety in here, Math games (Which I hate) but there's others that are more entertaining logic wise, and sometimes there's actually a hint in one of the books you pick up (sadly for the one or 2 there was no book to figuring it out, others well they just didn't help me at all. The thing I don't like is you are not able to undo a level or undo a previous part (or 2) of it before you go on.

(January 9 2014) I think I have officially finished the game and I Think it arrived Monday! I never finish games that fast so you know it was a short game and aside from getting it fortheice I got it for, it definately would not have been worth full price when it first came out (or even in a store)

I would say this is maybe a C. Good for keeping someone occupied on a trip, nice for those who like brain teasers and mysteries but I don't feel as if the mystery has been answered.

Stuck on a puzzle or what to do? Here's a Walk through cheat

Frankly they could at least give a hint on some of the puzzles (like the horoscope one, like if it's in Alpha order, or order of month, or types like animals/ people etc) but there is no clue to that one. Also it just seems to end abruptly to me anyway. I believe this could have been done better. There's also another called Salem Secrets but after playing this... I would hope I could find it for less than $5!

Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets
Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets

Being as the covers look the same I'm guessing this is the same deal just with a witch theme


Puzzle Cheats

I would be so close so many times, then I try to fix it and end up far from close.
I would be so close so many times, then I try to fix it and end up far from close. | Source
They don't even give a clue as to how they are to be placed (ie: like in order, or grouping of a certain way etc. not even a riddle to figure it out! )
They don't even give a clue as to how they are to be placed (ie: like in order, or grouping of a certain way etc. not even a riddle to figure it out! ) | Source
I always have a problem finding one of the shapes. 3 of them are quite clear but the other i always have a problem with no matter what I do i can't find
I always have a problem finding one of the shapes. 3 of them are quite clear but the other i always have a problem with no matter what I do i can't find | Source


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    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      WTF? You guys aren't even talking about the right game.


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