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High Noon Holiday: Snake Gulch

Updated on November 8, 2016
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Howdy partner, glad you could make it

Even superheroes need a holiday from time to time - and when they do, where do they go? Well, to Snake Gulch of course, in the Burning Sands. Well, one day it was called White Sands of course, but that was before the government started its nuclear tests there. And even though there are irradiated tribesmen, VIPER Operatives and alien invasions threatening the security of the area, the Snake Gulch Amusement Park is always open for business!

Below you will find details on the history, layout and sights of the Snake Gulch Amusement Park, a wild-west town run entirely by robot cowboys gone wild! If you're playing Champions Online and your character is level 17-18 or higher, read on to find out how you can be entertained here.

Image: concept art by Cryptic Studios, courtesy of

Snake Gulch entrance courtesy of
Snake Gulch entrance courtesy of

Snake Gulch - Where and Why?

Snake Gulch can be reached around level 18 by taking the Super Jet to the Desert Zone and going Northeast. You will arrive at a parking lot guarded by armed robot salloon girls and a few soldiers. There will be a large sign and some turnwheels like the entrance to an amusement park.

Once it was a thriving theme park, where robot cowboys blew new life into the legends of the old wild west, including salloon girls, sheriffs, robot outlaws and gunslingers. Every day at high noon, a re-enactment of the gunfight involving Ascii Oakley was played at the central corral. But of course, things changed as soon as VIPER arrived. Their technicians tampered with the logic chips of the cowboys, turning them into hostile berserk robot cowboys.

The park was abendoned, and your help will be invaluable to get things back in order.

A single island of serenity amidst the amok robots is Belle Steele's salloon, at the North end of the park, where things continue to go on as normal and the robots exist without interference from VIPER's jamming signals. This is also the home of Bargainin' Bill, who is willing to trade the theme park's coinage (snake bucks) for interesting costume pieces and action figures.

Snake Gulch Theme Song

The theme song for Snake Gulch, which is a pretty darn catchy one!

Grinding Snakebucks is quite a chore

So if you have the opportunity to level multiple characters, have each grind a single piece of Steampunk Cyborg gear here between levels 18-22. This breaks the grinding into manageable chunks

Snake Gulch Concept Art by Cryptic, courtesy of
Snake Gulch Concept Art by Cryptic, courtesy of

So, what's there to do around here?

Well, there's plenty! So when you drop by Snake Gulch, you won't leave unsatisfied. For instance, try any of the following activities:

* Test your mettle against the robot gunslingers and save tourists from the robot hangmen; every defeated robot cowboy has a chance to drop 1-4 Snake Bucks.

* Help Allie get her alimony from the lazy-mozy robot cowboy Deadbeat.

* Bring back law and order by out-shooting the sheriff in his salloon.

* Stop Fred C. Dos, the mad robot prospector, and his insane dynamite-packing posse!

* Collect spare parts to build your very own robot partner.

* And finally, compete in the open mission "Ascii' ing for trouble", and defeat Ascii Oakley.

* Stop the minions of Mechanon, overlord of everything mechanical - visit Belle Steele's Sallon to learn more about him.

Missions from Snake Gulch extend into the surrounding countryside, which includes the super-villain prison Stronghold, Area 52, VIPER's STEIN fortress and areas under control by irradiates and DEMON initiates. All in all, the desert's an action-packed and non-stop thrill ride up until about level 24.

Champions Online PC Time Card (60 Days)
Champions Online PC Time Card (60 Days)

Champions online features a subscription service, called "Gold Subscribing" which gives you many benefits including a larger pool of costume pieces to choose from, monthly rewards and improved glow- and color options. In addition, you will become capable of making "Free Form" characters, allowing you to build characters outside of the mold of an archetype.

Steampunk cyborg set, courtesy of
Steampunk cyborg set, courtesy of

Snake Bucks and Steam Punks

Those Snake Bucks you earned can be put to good use. A kindly robot fellow named Bargainin' Bill has set up shop in Belle Steele's salloon, and he will trade them in for some mighty fine-looking pieces of steampunk equipment or dashing action figures. See it as the game equivalent of the theme park gift shop - except you have shoot your way through thousands of animatronic cowpokes to buy all of his stuff.

Steampunk costume unlocks

[Steampunk Mecha Arms] 750 Snake Bucks (SB)

[Steampunk Mecha Backpack] 250 SB

[Steampunk Mecha Boots] 250 SB

[Steampunk Mecha Bracers] 750 SB

[Steampunk Mecha Monocle] 500 SB

[Steampunk Mecha Goggles] 500 SB

[Steampunk Mecha Hands] 750 SB

[Steampunk Mecha Legs] 250 SB

Cowboy Action Figures

[Action Figure #110 Rowdy Randy] 25 SB

[Action Figure #109 Nasty Nicky] 50 SB

[Action Figure #111 Singing Brian] 100 SB

[Action Figure #66 Pretty Ginny] 150 SB

[Action Figure #65 Kid Billy] 300 SB

Reasons to like Snake Gulch

Here's my Top 5 reasons to like Snake Gulch:

Cowboys And Aliens; Robots And Death Rays (8-movie Collection)
Cowboys And Aliens; Robots And Death Rays (8-movie Collection)

The pen-and-paper roleplaying game Champions features the same theme of pulp superheroes duking it out with costumed villains. Books like this one help a game master give color to the various locations the characters might encounter, such as the theme park this hub is about.


  1. The theme song
  2. Steampunk Costume
  3. Robot Cowboys
  4. The story of Mechanon
  5. Idling in Belle Steele's Salloon

Champions Online Official Strategy Guide (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames))
Champions Online Official Strategy Guide (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames))

Strategy guides such as this one help out when you want to make the most of your playtime. Certainly you don't need it to get in the swing of it or do well, but you can get results quicker if you follow the advice of someone who's done the work for you!


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