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Holiday Express Animated Electric Train Set

Updated on November 25, 2013

Christmas Train Set

Quite a few years ago my parents started taking yearly trips to Frankenmuth, Michigan. This is where the "World's largest Christmas store" is located. They started to collect buildings and figurines to make a Christmas village scene. They would take great pride in setting it up every year and watching it become more elaborate.

When their granddaughter was about five they decided to add something special to the display. They bought the Holiday Express Animated Electric Train Set. They felt it would be perfect addition to their Christmas village display. With the lights, motion, and sound they were sure my niece would love it.

They had thought about getting the Polar Express train set but decided it didn't actually look very festive. Whereas the Holiday Express train is covered in the Christmas spirit and is more colorful. I got to help my dad to set it up, and it actually went together fairly easily.

This is a fairly large set so you need to have a lot of space to set this up. It would easily fit around the bottom of your Christmas tree. However my parents have the Holiday Express and their village set up on a large table. Which was probably for the best given it would have been more difficult for my dad to work on this on the floor.

When we got it all set up, my sister brought her daughter over to see it. She just started pointing and her eyes lit up. We hadn't even turned it on and set it into motion yet! Then we started it up and sent it for a run around the village. She couldn't take her eyes off of it.

We had watched it go around for a few laps and thought that was enough. She thought differently, she wanted to keep watching it. She was completely fascinated by this Christmas train set. It seems to get a similar reaction from all the kids who see it.

Don't worry if you are concerned about having to listen to it for hours on end, there is a volume control and you can even mute it. They will still be fascinated by the lights and the motion of the characters on the train cars. You just won't have to be driven crazy by the noise.

As my niece has gotten older she now helps her grandfather to set up the Christmas village and train set. I think this is why my dad's loves it. It made his granddaughter happy when she was little and now it is a reason for them to spend time together. Fond memories of yester year and spending time with family is one of the best gifts of the holidays.

So if you want to start a new tradition with your family, that will bring them fond memories in the future, I would recommend this train set.

Below are pictures of my parents Christmas display.

Photos © of: whatsittoyou

Photo Gallery

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Make Your Own Christmas Village Display

Here are some suggestions for some starter pieces for making a village to go with the train set.

Department 56 Animated Skating Pond
Department 56 Animated Skating Pond

This is a nice edition to a winter scene.

Department 56 Snow Village Our Lady Of Grace Church Lit House
Department 56 Snow Village Our Lady Of Grace Church Lit House

A church is always a nice touch for a Christmas display.

Department 56 Christmas Story Village Ralphies House Lit Building
Department 56 Christmas Story Village Ralphies House Lit Building

If you love A Christmas Story like I do this is an excellent way to include it in your winter scene. You can build the whole village from the movie if you want. My parents already had most of their village bought from Frankenmuth.


Here is a video of someone who chose to set their Holiday Express Train up around the bottom of their Christmas tree. This will give you the chance to see and hear it in motion.

Do You Like Your Train Set On A Display Table or Around The Christmas Tree?

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