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Hoth Imperial Attack Base Playset from "The Empire Strikes Back"

Updated on December 5, 2014

Star Wars - Hoth Imperial Attack Base Play Set

The original STAR WARS movies were first released when I was a kid. I was a huge fan and loved playing with Star Wars action figures and play sets.

We couldn't afford to buy many toys so I usually got action figures instead of the more expensive Star Wars play sets. That was fine because I had a good imagination. Books and building blocks became space ships and command posts on far far away planets for my action figures.

One of the few play sets I had was the Imperial Attack Base from the second STAR WARS movie, The Empire Strikes Back. Released by Kenner in 1980, it's an Imperial base on the ice planet Hoth with several cool features including a collapsing ice bridge and swivel mounted cannon. I played with it for hours!

Read on to discover more about this vintage Star Wars play set including the original TV commercial and where to buy the Hoth Imperial Attack Base...

Image Credit:

Imperial Attack Base used under Creative Commons from dave_banks_geekdad

Hoth Imperial Attack Base Features

  • Swivel Cannon
  • Collapsing Ice Bridge
  • Exploding Mines
  • Exploding Ice Wall (behind command post)
  • Removable Command Post Roof Panels

1980 Kenner Toy Commercial - Empire Strikes Back Collection Imperial Attack Base - Watch the original commercial for this play set...

Imperial Attack Base Play Set Trivia...

There was no Imperial attack base on Hoth shown in the The Empire Strikes Back. The Empire quickly landed forces outside the Rebel force field and attacked the Rebels' Echo Base with AT-AT and AT-ST walkers.

Did You Own The Hoth Imperial Attack Base?

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My Favorite Things About The Imperial Attack Base Playset

  • Encourages kids to use their imagination when playing - There are no electronic sounds or predefined ways to play with this toy. Kids get to make up their own sound effects and play it how they want.
  • No batteries required - The playset parts are all kid powered.
  • Can be used with other action figures - This would make a cool base for G.I. Joe or other action figure sets.
  • Great memories - I remember playing with this for hours as a kid and I remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back for the first time in the theater with my dad back in 1980.

Need Parts For Your Imperial Attack Base?

Then find spare parts online...

Your Hoth playset has probably seen a lot of action and may have some broken or missing parts. If so, look for them online. I was amazed at the number of parts available for this playset.

If your set is beyond repair, consider listing whatever parts are still good so that other Star Wars toy buffs can get their base fully operational.

Below is a small sampling of the Imperial Attack Base parts available on eBay...

Find Action Figures For Your Hoth Imperial Attack Base Playset

What fun is an attack base playset without action figures? Not much.

To get your imagination going, I've listed below some of the original The Empire Strikes Back Hoth based action figures that would go with this playset.

Let's start with the Empire's troops. Stormtroopers in Hoth battle gear would definitely be manning this base readying their attack. The AT-AT driver might also be there to review battle plans or maybe his AT-AT was brought down by Rebel fighters and he retreated to this position.

Now for the rebels on Hoth. If there's any action, Han Solo or Luke Skywalker will be there. And what's more fun than attacking an Imperial base for those two? Ok, I'm sure Han could think of better alternatives.

And there's also a Rebel Commander in Hoth gear to help out with the attack.

Who knows, maybe the rebels have already captured the base and are now defending it against the stormtroopers. The possibilities are endless, that's the fun of playing with a playset like this.

What do you think of the Imperial Attack Base (or any other classic STAR WARS toys)? Does the fact that this base never appeared in the released movie diminish the fun of playing with it? Please leave a comment below.

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love the memories of all my old star wars toys...sadly, most of my remaining stuff is incomplete:( looking to clean out some of the old memories and wonder if an incomplete imperial attack base is worth anything? I have the base and a little ice cave attachment...that's it!?


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