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iMobsters for iPhone and Android - How to be the Best

Updated on December 12, 2011

How to be the Best at iMobsters

Imobsters is a very popular massively multiplayer online role playing game from Storm8 that can be played on the iPhone and Android devices. The game is obtained through the App Store or Android Market, and is free to play. Additional attributes and weapons can be purchased with a credit card, but are not necessary for play, or even to be the best at iMobsters.

You start as a small time crook and work your way to Don, but that’s only if you play solo and care about the story. The fact is, iMobsters is more fun when you join a “clan” or “mob family,” which is a group of players who decide to fight together and protect each other. By joining a family, you see a new strategic side to the game, as well as meet entertaining new friends.

To be the best at iMobsters takes time, but if you start on the right path early, you can minimize the time it takes to become powerful.

Get Your Income Up, Put on Your “Camping” Gear - IMobsters, like many MMORPGs, has it’s own lingo, and one of the terms you will hear often is “camping.” You may see posted on a player’s wall, WARNING, I”M CAMPING. That means the player is currently in an armed-down state trying to maximize his Return on Income from real estate, and reinvesting all income into more properties.

To camp, you must stop doing missions and attacking other players, because doing so causes you to level up quickly. You may choose to have the most powerful weapons that have no upkeep, or you can go completely unarmed.

Remember, when you first get started, try to have a mob with an amount of members that ends in 4 or 9, which will keep you at the top of the mob size matchup bracket. Also keep your mob size low, because it is costly to maintain and equip a large mob and if your mob size gets high, you will be attacked by strong players and sustain many losses.

Camping takes a long time, but it is essential to being the best.

Join a Family for Added Fun and Protection - If you play for any period of time, you may be solicited to join a family. Some families, or clans, are selective - they only invite the best. Some will invite everyone they can find in hopes of growing large.

Many families communicate outside of the game for strategic purposes, often using the free chat app Palringo Instant Messenger. Oftentimes, new and potential recruits are asked (often required) to interview on Palringo, and if accepted, use the program to keep in touch and receive orders or targets.

Being a part of a family can be good when you are camping, because if you are in a strong family, your fellow members will post warnings on your wall to “farmers,” which are players who will repeatedly attack unarmed or weaker players for their cash. Just having a clan’s “tags” in your screenname will often deter many drive-by farmers. If you are targeted or attacked, your fellow family members should back you up and take care of your problem.If they don’t, find another family.

To find a good family, keep an eye on the hitlist for a week and see what families are consistently being bountied. Search through their walls to find clues to their rules, protection services offered, size, strength, and whether they fit your personality. Some families play respectfully, while others talk dirty, often with racial slurs and other verbally abusive language. Make sure you choose wisely.

Find an ATM - IMobsters is a crime game, so don’t be surprised to learn that one of the best ways to get ahead on iMobsters and to be the best at iMobsters is to game the system by using the advantage of an ATM. An “ATM” is a player who, for whatever reason, has decided to play as someone who allows others he approves to attack him when he is unarmed to withdraw easy cash. Often they are higher level players who pay out millions of dollars per attack, whereas attacking players your own level will only pay out much smaller amounts. Some do this to gain popularity and friends, while some do it to advertise and recruit for families.

Oftentimes a mob family will have a member who is an ATM, and they will allow only members of that family to use it. If you are new to your game, you can take months of time off your wait to be the best if you have regular, unfettered access to an ATM. Remember, when you find a new ATM, read their wall for any rules such as number of times you may attack within 24 hours, or if that ATM is open to all players and families.

If you piss off an ATM with many friends, don’t be surprised if you spend the next week being randomly added to the hitlist.

Get a Second Account - Does your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or child have an iPhone or iPod as well? If so, add another account to it so that you may use it from time to time. Set it up in camping mode to earn a strong income. Most of the best players have access to multiple accounts.

Having an extra account allows you to anonymously harass your enemies, or random strangers, and for online games, mind games are key. You can also build it up and use it as an ATM to gain friends and potential supporters.

Conclusion - Now that you have an idea on what it takes to be the best at iMobsters, it’s time to put that knowledge to use. As one of the most popular games for the iPhone and Android devices, you will no doubt soon become addicted.


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    • profile image

      yes 4 years ago

      DMW runs imobs the biggest and the most elite

    • profile image

      EvansTyler 5 years ago


    • profile image

      BRACING 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago

      Add me an I need a ATM FOR REAL SO HOLLA

    • marriedwithdebt profile image

      marriedwithdebt 6 years ago from Illinois

      Suly - just hop around on some walls and read family recruitment messages. Get the free app Palringo and join their open group rooms and try to chat with a recruiting boss.

    • profile image

      suly 6 years ago

      How do

      i join a family?

    • profile image

      tombraider nbd on pal 6 years ago

      Great article. Very helpful for noobs. NBD is recruiting. NEVER BACK DOWN!!!

    • marriedwithdebt profile image

      marriedwithdebt 6 years ago from Illinois

      Thanks for the comments fellas.

    • profile image

      Ajdowen 6 years ago

      Very nice article bro. Add me "FNYQT4"

    • profile image

      SIlent Assassin 6 years ago

      ???????????????The COBRAS are getting bigger and better everyday. Come check us out in the pal room called "cobra snake pit" we accept anyone family or just single players!if your active, need protection and looking for a family the join the pal room called "cobra recruiting" think you have what it takes to be a cobra? hope to see you there!?????

    • profile image

      ABM kitten 6 years ago

      Good work on article! ABM Is a great family. Allied with MVP. if u need help advice or a laugh look no further!!! 10/10 for article RD :) ... kitten

    • profile image

      Fire 6 years ago

      This is a great article, I've been playing for years... You have to hit ATMs for a couple of levels but only ones with big payouts in the millions... And camp for a long time, 6 months to a year... If you want to be good... Again... Great article... Follow it and you will do well in the game

    • profile image

      Fuccn G 6 years ago

      Be the best. Read this article and join fam MVP ;)

    • profile image

      Not weakass 1hb 6 years ago

      Great article... A great family is MVP... Please message me back for more info... Thanks


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