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iPixeli's Female Minecraft Mod

Updated on May 14, 2011

This is a mod that transforms Miner Steve (the default blocky man style avatar that represents you in the game of Minecraft) into Miner Stephanie. Finally you can play Minecraft as you want to, inside a blocky female skin. Well that doesn't sound creepy at all, does it. Nope.

Notch was asked to add a female option many moons ago, but he refused on the grounds that a blocky bosom would be off putting to his delicate sensibilities. At the time his decision was respected but the organic nature of Minecraft mod development has ensured that this theme has returned with a vengeance. Interestingly enough, (or obviously enough, depending on your breadth of experience and openess of mind) a poll on the Minecraft forum indictates that this mod is far more popular with male Minecrafters than female Minecrafters by a ratio of five to one or thereabouts.

How The Mod Works

The mod is basically a re-mesh of the default Steve mesh. It changes the physical shape of your avatar, and not much else at the moment. You don't need to download special skins for the mod as it will work with whatever skin you have installed. There are some female skins available for download on various Minecraft skin sites and they'll probably work wonders with this mod.

In addition to changing the shape of the avatar, there's also the option to add a bunch of female sounds to the game so that it sounds lovely and feminine when you fall off a cliff to your doom. Female sounds are separate at the time of writing, but future versions of the mod promise to include sound files as part of the mod.

Fun Bugs

The mod brings with it what is currently being called a bug, but might some day be called a feature. That is that it creates female everything. Female skeletons. Female zombies. (The female zombies still have zombie Steve faces and hair, but they also have the necessary chestal curves required to be considered female.) It doesn't work so much in terms of female sheep, cows and creepers, but you can't have everything, can you?


If you have mod loader installed, installing the Female mod is as simple as dropping the necessary files into the minecraft.jar (the necessary files being the ones marked in the download file as such) you also need to drop the char image file into the mob folder.

Download iPixeli's Female Mod


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