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Top Idle Games Like Cookie Clicker

Updated on November 8, 2014
Time to give the Cookies some rest.
Time to give the Cookies some rest. | Source

There are some good games like Cookie Clicker which will delight the fans. These are all idle games appropriate for passing some idle time.

Cookie Clicker is called an idle game. This new genre is now gaining popularity very fast. There are very few peoples who can avoid the addictive charm of idle games. These games are weird. Everything will start very slow but will be faster pretty soon. These games use mathematical progression.

Cookie Clicker is made by French programmer Julien Thiennot aka Orteil. The player has to make cookies. Yes, the only aim of the player is to make more and more cookies. Cookies will buy you items like grandmas and farms. These items will help you to make more cookies per click.You can check more games which are pretty similar to Cookie Clicker from my list.

Cow Clicker is an idle game.
Cow Clicker is an idle game. | Source

Cow Clicker

Cow Clicker is an idle Facebook game. It was intended to be a satire on social gaming. At the beginning, the player will have to click on a cow. He will get the chance of clicking on it once in every six hours! You can also receive clicks from others. Clicks will generate the virtual currency “Mooney”.

Unexpectedly, this game became very popular. As a result, the developer made many improvements. Try this game for free on Facebook.

Sandcastle Builder

Sandcastle Builder is an amazing game. It is a lazy game. It develops very slowly. Two lovers, Megan and Cueball sit on a beach and make sandcastles. In this way, the story begins.

As I have said earlier, the story develops in snails speed. Changes come after 30 minutes. The game has a series of drawings called “newpix”. You will have to follow the story “newpix” after “newpix”.

“Sandcastle Builder” is for hardcore idle game fans. It is not for you if you want everything instantly. You will have to play hours after hours to see things moving.

Sandcastle Builder game: a glimpse...
Sandcastle Builder game: a glimpse...

Wall Destroyer

Wall Destroyer is another idle game like Cookie Clicker. This game was released by Tellurium on May 3, 2014. The player has to destroy a wall by clicking on it.

The graphics of this game is not impressive. But if you play deeper into the world of “Wall Destroyer”, you will get gems.

The game is entertaining. It is a big game. Even after destroying the wall, the game never ends. In fact, the fun begins after that. You can play this game online by going to this site.


Dripstat is an interesting game. It will be liked by Cookie Clicker fans. There are many gamers who like it more than Cookie Clicker.

The game starts with a cup of coffee. You will have to click on it to generate memory. There is a leader board in it. It shows the performance of other players. When you reach a new level, the leaderboard resets.

Wall Destroyer Game Walkthrough Video

The Monolith

The Monolith is not a too plain looking idle game. It looks great unlike other such games.

The game starts with an egg. You have to hit it with a sword. You will get some villagers to recruit. The village will begin to develop. There will be change of epochs. The egg will begin to destroy.

The game is a great fun to play. There is no chance that you will not like it if you have loved Cookie Clicker.

Monolith: another Cookie Clicker like game.
Monolith: another Cookie Clicker like game.


A 19 years old student from France has developed the game “Candybox” in 2013. The game is a RPG with ASCII graphics. There are millions of gamers who play this idle game.

The player will get candies in the game. The rate of candy generation is one per second at the beginning. This rate increases as the game develops. You can eat the candies or purchase upgrades with it. You will have to buy lollipops with the candies. Lollipops are the virtual coins in the world of Candybox. There are also quests to perform and monsters to kill.

Candybox has been played by more than 1 million players.There are two versions of the game, Candybox and Candybox 2.

A Dark Room

If you go to the site of the “A Dark Room”, you will see a white blank page with some words at the top. It says: “the fire is dead”. It instructs you to light fire to save the room from freezing. You will have to stroke fire with fire woods to keep the room worm.

This text based idle game is developed by “doublespeak games”. The game has a browser based version and an iOS app version.

This game is for you, if you like to experience something different. This game is quiet unique in its storyline and game play. It is a worthy competitor of Cookie Clicker. You can go to doublespeakgames to play it.


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      Nest 3 years ago

      I loved Cookie Clicker..but the game was destroyed by the bots.