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Infamous Second Son Walkthrough

Updated on March 26, 2014

In Infamous Second Son walkthrough, the hero Delsin Rowe is forced to travel to Seattle after learning that he is a conduit and has superhuman powers. Delsin will then take over the first district in Seattle the Queen Anne. This will guide the hero on how to achieve the various objectives up to the point of entering Seattle.

Infamous Second Son Become a Hero or a Villain - the Good or Evil Karma Path

Delsin will start as an everyday teenage vandaliser. He will arm himself with a bottle of spray can and start spraying the wall with the spray can. Finish spraying the wall and realise that the police and in particular the sheriff are looking for the hero. Escape to Betty's place and then escape via the window and jumping to the long house.

  • This is essentially a start up guide on how to jump using the PlayStation 4 console.

Escape to the long house and realize that Delsin's brother the sheriff is still looking for him. The sheriff catches up with Delsin and is just about to apprehend him and tuff him to the police station when disaster strikes.

The DUP convoy that carries the DUP convicts crashes on the road somewhere near the long house. The sheriff chases after some escapees and leaves Delsin to manage the crash site. Delsin rescues a DUP convict and accidentally assimilates his powers. Delsin then chases after the convict but this time, he no longer needs his legs.

  • Delsin's first superpower manifests as Smoke Dash.

Delsin catches up with his brother the sheriff outside Betty's factory. Here, use smoke dash to go into the compound and then use smoke dash to go into the vents and chimneys in the factory and get inside the factory. Delsin meets Betty and the DUP convict. A fight breaks out between Delsin and the DUP convict.

  • Delsin picks up another superhuman power - the ability to infuse a chain with heat and lash out at the enemies.

The DUP convict escapes, but is captured by Augustine (the villainess) who encases him in concrete. She follows up her ruthless action by interrogating and then torturing Delsin.

  • Delsin must now make his first choice between good and evil.

It is best to continue on the good or evil pathway after that, as progression up the pathway will lead to unlocking the supreme and tail end of abilities.

Delsin is knocked unconscious and wakes up one week later to find that Augustine has laid waste to the residents of the factory and the long house, including Betty. To extract the concrete pieces from Betty, Delsin and his brother conceive a plan - to get into Seattle and steal Augustine's powers.

Infamous Second Son Get Into Seattle

Delsin and his brother head to Seattle via their pickup, but on route they have to rescue some passengers on a bus. The sheriff decides to drive the bus to Seattle, but the passengers refuse to let Delsin on the bus. Delsin must walk to Seattle.

As Delsin walks, he must drain the smoke from cars to get more super powers - Smoke Shot. Use this to defeat the thugs in the car tunnel.

After this, Delsin gets to the bridge in Seattle but finds that the bridge has been destroyed. Use jump, smoke drain from cars and levitate hover to get across to the other side. Meet up with the sheriff and then go into the check point. A massive fight breaks out between Delsin and the DUP forces.

  • Defeat the DUP forces using smoke dash to cover, and then firing off smoke shot at the DUP forces from behind cover.
  • Then go up to the bridge and use melee to defeat the DUP forces.

Next, the hero must destroy the DUP mobile command at the entry point before entering Seattle. There are many many more DUP soldiers here. So use cover and fire off smoke shots.

  • Delsin can subdue or eliminate the DUP guards and gain good karma or evil karma points respectively.

Once the DUP forces are defeated, move into the compound near the DUP command centre and destroy the vents on the side.

This mission may be difficult because of the overwhelming number of DUP forces.

  • Delsin needs to use smoke shot to destroy the vents. If Delsin runs out of smoke shots, follow the cable around the DUP mobile command and use smoke drain on the batteries supplying the mobile command with power.
  • Delsin can also climb the buildings and smoke drain the chimneys and vents to restore his smoke energy and his ability to fire off smoke shots.
  • As the mobile command is destroyed, more DUP forces or reinforcements arrive. Defeat them and then drain the big DUP agent.
  • Note that if Delsin tries to get out of the DUP fighting zone here and try to get into Seattle to drain smoke from cars, he will lose the objective of the mission and it will be game over.
  • Once this fight is over, a portion of the Queen Anne region in Seattle will be no longer under DUP control.

With this, Delsin is formally able to enter Seattle.


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