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Is The Wii U Worth It?

Updated on October 4, 2012

The Wii U - Is it worth it?

For those of you that have been living under the proverbial rock, the Wii U is Nintendo's latest video game console, due to be released for teh 2012 Christmas season.The Wii U has been subject of much discussion, but the question still remains - is it worth getting one?

Well spoiler alert: Yes. Yes it is.

So What's New?

Well, at fist glance not much. It seems as though the main difference between the Wii and the Wii U is that the latter's controller looks like the former's Classic Controller swallowed up and iPad. Apart from that, it has the typical console upgrade stuff - more horsepower, HD graphics etc etc.

However, what might initially seem like a cheap gimmick, the Wii U definitely blows your expectations away. Like the Wii, the Wii U has a large focus on living-room multiplayer, but this time it incorporates asymmetric gameplay, where the one holding the gamepad has a different gameplay experience than those holding a Wii Remote. What this does is that is encourages people to work together, as co-op games require information from all angles. Counter-op games on the other hand, allow the player with the gamepad to have exclusive information not avalable to the other players, finally getting rid of the 'peeking' issue caused by split-screen.

Another change is that the controller's button and joystick layout is very similar to that of other consoles, allowing for more cross-platform games to be ported compared to the Wii U. This means that Wii U owners will be able to enjoy all of those other games

Why Not Get One?

Well, I suppose that the reason why you wouldn't want to get a Wii U and instead get a Playstation 4 or xBox 720 would be the same reasons why you wouldn't want a Wii in the current generation. Its internet capacity is most probably going to be inferior, as well as its overall horsepower. So if you absolutely must have the PS/xBox exclusives, and the need to play cross-platforms games at the highest graphical possibilities possible, then I suppose the Wii U isn't for U.

Wii U Packs

White and Black - Basic and Premium

In the UK, the Wii U is going to come in three different packs. The Basic Pack, The Premium Pack with NintendoLand and the Premium Pack with Zombi U. The Basic Pack is white and includes an 8-GB console and touch-screen gamepad only for £248. That's simple isn't it?

The Premium Pack comes in Black and holds 32 GB of memory. It comes with everything described above (in black) plus a charging platform for the gamepad and two stands - one for the gamepad and another for the console and a sensor bar. This pack also includes one of two games. The Premium pack with NintendoLand goes for £299, while the Premium Pack with ZombiU costs £329 but comes with a Pro Controller.

In The End, Is It Worth It?

What should Wii dU?

Hell yeah.

If you're still unsure of it, I suggest that you have a go at a friend's house and give it a trial run before you make the decision because much like the Wii was in 2006, it looks really stupid until you actually get your hands on it.

Wii U Trailer

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    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm incredibly excited to see this new system launch!


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