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Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat the Balor

Updated on March 3, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat the Balor

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat the Balor
Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat the Balor

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat the Balor

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, defeating the Balor will complete the quest invovling the siege of Mel Senshir, and allow the hero to advance into the latter stages of the game. The Balor is a one eyed giant monstrosity which can fire a yellow beam of light from its one eye, causing substantial and critical damage to the hero. It's tough hide and high critical damage from its attacks make it a very dangerous foe indeed. This will provide the hero with various tactics to defeat the Balor.

Kingdoms of Amalur Route to Defeating the Balor

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the route to defeating the Balor will involve delving through the ruins of Mel Senshir. In Mel Senshir, the hero will encounter various enemies including Tuatha warriors and Niskaru monsters. This is the opportunity to defeat these enemies and fill up the fate gauge meter, which has no doubt been depleted by defeating the witch knight.

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the penultimate fight leading up to the fight with the Balor is an exciting one involving a skirmish between the hero and a Niskaru Tyrant and a Tuatha Priest. Different heroes will have different approaches to this battle. For this particular hero, it is essential to have the summon Faer Gorta spell. This will allow the hero to summon the Faer Gorta which can be used to distract either the Niskaru Tyrant or the tuatha priest. With one of the enemies distracted, go one on one with the other enemy, and finish him off. Then head back to finish off the remaining enemy. Just when the hero thinks he can off face with the Balor, another Niskaru Tyrant emerges from the ground! If the hero is only of moderate level, then the difference between facing the Niskaru Tyrant alone and with the Faer Gorta is quite obvious with this Niskaru Tyrant. With the two versus one approach, the Niskara Tyrant is eliminated in seconds.

Kingdoms of Amalur Tactics to Defeat the Balor

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the Balor awaits beyond the door after finishing off the two Niskaru Tyrants. The fight with the Balor is a classic video gaming style combat. One must damage the giant Balor, and yet maintain one's health, and dodge the Balor claw melee attacks and yellow beam eye ranged attack. To do this the hero must have the following -

  • lots of healing potions (it is essential that the hero has enough healing potions for both bosses of the Mel Senshir quest)
  • lots of mana potions
  • at least one powerful and plentiful ranged attack (for example, storm bolt)
  • at least one powerful melee attack (for example fast dagger attack)
  • the ability to blink teleport continuously

With the above equipment and abilities, head into the Balor fight. The Balor will try to sink it's claws into the hero. When the claw smashes into the platform, go forth and hit it with melee weapons. When the claws are withdrawn, stay far back and hit the Balor with ranged attacks. Try not to stand too close to the Balor; otherwise it will use a powerful sweep attack on the hero using its claws. When the Balor is sufficiently damaged through various stages of its health, it will collapse onto the platform. Close in and attack relentlessly with melee attacks until the Balor rises again. Of course, the Balor will periodically use its yellow beam eye attack. When this is on, just keep blink teleporting and dodging the beam. If the hero is hit, just use healing potions to regain health. With expert repetition of the above combat moves, the Balor will be defeated.

The hero will then be rewarded with the Siege Breaker Twist of Fate, and can now advance into the latter stages of the Kingdoms of Amalur game.


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