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Kingdoms of Amalur In A Crowded Mind

Updated on March 7, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur In A Crowded Mind

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the in a crowded mind quest follows the lightning in a bottle quest. In these quests, the hero continues to ascend the rankings of the Scholia Arcana by finishing objectives set by the savants and archsage of the Scholia Arcana. In a crowded mind quest, the hero travels to Rathir and the quarters of the archsage to find that the archsage has been taken by the Dark Empyrean. This will guide the hero through the dreamworld of the archsage and defeat the entities Indifference and Ambition and the various mobs before these entities.

Kingdoms of Amalur Lightning In A Bottle

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the hero must complete the lightning in a bottle quest before the in a crowded mind quest can take place. In lighting in a bottle, the hero has to travel and ascend Skycrown to reach Aethan Engar. To prevent the Dark Empyrean from taking over, Aethan Engar throws himself down the mountain, and the hero must look for this body somewhere in the Plains of Erathell. When his body is found, engage in a battle with the possessed Aethan Engar, and then return to Rathir to speak to the archsage.

Kingdoms of Amalur Dreamworld

In Kingdoms of Amalur, when the hero finally has a chance to speak to the archsage, he is directed to the archsage quarters. At this point, the barrier to the archsage quarters opens and the hero is able to enter. The hero will find the archsage's body in a glyph on the ground. Touch the body and enter the dreamworld. The hero is asked by the archsage to defeat the entities Indifference and Ambition so that his mind can be released (hence the name of the quest "in a crowded mind").

In Kingdoms of Amalur dreamworld, there are two paths to the archsage's indifference and ambition. Take the southern path and take out amibition first, because this is easier. The mobs along the way (likely to be Faer Gorta warriors) are also easy. Then when the hero's fate meter is full, head up the other path and take on Indifference.

Kingdoms of Amalur Disciplined Twist of Fate

Kingdoms of Amalur Receiving Disciplined Twist of Fate After Completing Dreamworld
Kingdoms of Amalur Receiving Disciplined Twist of Fate After Completing Dreamworld

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeating Indifference

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the route to Indifference is not indifferent to the hero. In fact, it is hard indeed. Before reaching Indifference, the hero will be besieged by an ettin warpriest, which can be regarded as a boss itself. In addition, the ettin warpriest is likely to have an ettin brute with it. So the ettin warpriest can unleash lightning from his monstrous hammer. Fight off the ettin warpriest and brute in the following way. If the hero has a good pair of faeblades, this is the ideal time to use them. Use shadow strike and crossfire special moves to create critical damage after critical damage. After critically damaging the ettin warpriest, hit him hard with storm bolt or a ranged fire attack. Keep repeating this whilst blink teleporting around the room. Defeat the ettin warpriest first before concentrating on the ettin brute. Summoning your own faer gorta will help greatly in this fight.

Once the ettin warpriest is defeated, head forwards and prepare to face Indifference. Indifference is not indifferent to his own defense, and will summon three niskaru bloodhunters to help him. To win against these odds, it is recommended the hero reserves his reckoning mode for this fight. Bring lots of healing potions too (cheap minor healing potions will do). Go into reckoning mode, and just keep attacking Indifference using the tactics mentioned above. In reckoning mode Indifference will be defeated easily. If the hero cannot enter reckoning mode at this stage, then be prepared for a very hard fight.

Once Indifference and Ambition are defeated, break all breakable items in the chambers to look for the keys to open the chests / urns. Now return to speak to the archsage and obtain your reward - either Discipline (+5% elemental resistance, +1 sorcery abilities) or Fearlessness (+5% elemental damage, +1 sorcery abilities). Also get the title of savant and the savant's ring.


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