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Kingdoms of Amalur Traveler Faction Quests

Updated on March 4, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur Traveler Faction Quests

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the travelers faction could also be regarded as the thieves faction in the game. The travelers faction are a group of rogue nomads who set up camps throughout the Faelands, and receive their orders from the Hierophant. To join the traveler faction, simply follow the main quest storyline and the hero will stumble upon Star Camp on route. Speak to Crilgarin and then pray to the Hierophant within Star Camp to receive the first quest in the travelers' faction. Joining the traveler faction is important because it will allow the hero to obtain twists of fate. These twists of fate will increase the hero's damage abilities or evade chances. Additionally, following the traveler faction quests will allow the hero to obtain nice items (like Kezar's Vice) not found elsewhere.

Kingdoms of Amalur Guided Hands Quest

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the guided hands quest is the first quest within the travelers faction. Pray at the Hierophant statue to receive this quest. The Hierophant wants the hero to steal three items. Use the map to pinpoint the location of the three items (yellow circles on the map). Fast travel to these areas where possible, and then go into stealth mode and pickpocket or loot the appropriate object or person to obtain these items. Head back to the Hierophant to receive the next quest.

Kingdoms of Amalur the Silent Step Quest

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the silent step quest requires the hero to hunt for Ametair and his boots. Speak to Aergase in the Sidhe to learn the location of Ametair. Again, the map will help the hero.

Within the dungeon Arduath, Ametair is a dangerous foe. He will charge melee the hero, and then disappear. This will be repeated again and again in the dungeon. The key to winning is to look for the yellow marker that symbolizes Ametair on the map. When he appears on the screen teleport blink and then use charged shadow strike to attack him. Alternatively, use storm bolt on him. He will disappear after taking only a single hit, and reappear again elsewhere in the dungeon. If the hero is hit by his charge melee attacks and loses lots of health points, heal up immediately by quenching lots of healing potions. The hero can hunt Ametair through the dungeon Arduath, and defeat him by using the above moves.

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeating Ametair

Kingdoms of Amalur Jailbreak Quest

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the jailbreak quest is next within the travelers faction series of quests. The hero must rescue Grim Onwig from his imprisonment in Ohn's Stand. Before heading to the dungeon, get lots of healing potions and mana potions. The monsters within Ohn's Stand include Jottuns and Gnome Praetorians. The gnome praetorians can be difficult to defeat when they attack in numbers. To rescue Grim Onwig, the hero must do one of the following -

  • obtain the centurion's key and Grim Onwig's stealth kit
  • obtain the Missives of Sable

Choose the one that the hero favours and then rescue Grim Onwig. Following this quest, the hero is asked to steal more items from various people in Rathir in Something Borrowed. If the hero has difficulty pickpocketing the people, prepare to pay the fine that comes with a failed pickpocket. Once this quest is completed, the fighting will become much tougher as the hero progresses in the travelers faction series of quest.


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