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Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Gifts and Merchandise

Updated on February 10, 2016

Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Gifts and Merchandise

Welcome to my hubpage devoted to my favorite Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner.

When most people think of Green Lantern, they think of Hal Jordan, the main Green Lantern in the current run of comic books, as well the 2011 Film starring Ryan Reynolds. What most non-comic book readers don't know about is that Hal Jordan was actually a villain from 1995-2005 and the Green Lantern hero in that time was a young graphic artist named Kyle Rayner.

While the new Justice League films (starting with Batman v Superman in the summer of 2016) have made no mention of which version of Green Lantern they intend to portray, most people believe it will be Hal Jordan. There's been suggestion that perhaps the television version of Green Lantern may end up taking a new direction and portraying Kyle Rayner for the very first time (at least according to this Flash episode guide).

Kyle Rayner Collector Figure - Green Lantern Classics Collector's Item

Green Lantern Classics Kyle Rayner Collector Figure
Green Lantern Classics Kyle Rayner Collector Figure

This is a 6" highly detailed and authentically sculpted figure. It's designed to be a collector's item, which means that they likely won't make any more from this line. This is the best Kyle Rayner action figure I've seen so far.

emerald twilight graphic novel - kyle rayner
emerald twilight graphic novel - kyle rayner
kyle Rayner Toys and Merchandise
kyle Rayner Toys and Merchandise

Kyle Rayner's First Appearance

His Journey to Becoming a Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner's rise began with the fall of Hal Jordan. When Coast City, Jordan's hometown is destroyed, Hal sets on a mission to resurrect it. His ring won't allow him to bring dead people back to life, so Jordan decides to take all the Green Lantern rings there are, believing that if he has enough power he can bring back the dead. Jordan kills or injures the entire Green Lantern corps.

During this time Kyle Rayner is completely oblivious to the war going on. Gantlet, one of the Guardians, appears in front of Kyle in an alleyway and gives him a Green Lantern ring. Gantlet, worried that the entire Green Lantern corps may be destroyed, entrusts Kyle with the last ring.

For a long time Kyle Rayner was referred to as "The Last Green Lantern"

He was the main Green Lantern for several years, and even joined the Justice League along with Superman and Batman in the early 2000's. Nowadays toys and books featuring Kyle Rayner are increasingly rare, and expensive.

While the price for this collector's comic is a little steep on, we found the same book for $11 (using a <a href=""> coupon</a>) over at, you guessed it,

Kyle Rayner's beginning and Hal Jordan's decline is captured in the Emerald Twilight storyline. This is a dark and harrowing title that sees Hal Jordan set upon a dark descent into madness. You can see the culmination of his plans in "zero Hour", one of the first event titles, where all the heroes come together to defeat Hal and his mad quest for power.

Kyle Rayner Action Figures

Kyle Rayner has undergone a few costume changes throughout the years. He's undergone quite a few transformations throughout the years and his costumes will usually reflect that in some way (his costume is a manifestation of the green energy).

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Action Figure by DC Direct (2003) by DC Comics
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Action Figure by DC Direct (2003) by DC Comics

This is the closest action figure to how Kyle looks in the comic books. It comes with Kyle's distinctive energy ring in the package. This is for comic book purists.

Blackest Night Series 4: Kyle Rayner Action Figure
Blackest Night Series 4: Kyle Rayner Action Figure

This is the Kyle's most recent costume from the "Blackest Night" comic series, where black rings would bring people back from the dead. Kyle had a central role in saving the universe from the black rings, and even briefly died in the story. The guy is a hero!

Green Lantern Logo - Kyle Rayner Green Lantern
Green Lantern Logo - Kyle Rayner Green Lantern

What is a Green Lantern?

A Short History of DC's Super-Powered "Police Force"

For those of who don't know what a Green Lantern is, bear with me for a moment: I think I can explain it all:

The first thing to understand about the Green Lantern universe is that all the colors of the visual spectrum (blue, green, red, etc.) directly correspond to the emotional spectrum. Where green is the representation of courage, yellow represents fear, etc. 

The Guardians are a race of alien beings who have learned to harness this green energy and converted their home planet "Oa" into a giant central power battery for green energy. 

The Guardians then created the Green Lantern Corps as an intergalactic police force that patrol different sectors of the galaxy. Their rings are able to tap into the central power battery on Oa. 

Every Green Lantern is given a sector of space to patrol. Earth is in Sector 2814, and currently Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern in charge of patrolling this sector. 

Only the most courageous heroes are chosen from each sector, and here on Earth (the most problematic planet, of course) Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, among others, have been chosen at different times to be the "Green Lantern" of this sector.

That's what makes Green Lantern's so interesting to me: they truly are only limited by the power of their imaginations. I think any creative person, whether it be a painter, filmmaker or writer, would love to have the power to create anything that they can imagine.

DC Direct Justice League of America Classified: Classic Series 2: Green Lantern Action Figure
DC Direct Justice League of America Classified: Classic Series 2: Green Lantern Action Figure

This figure is from the Justice League line of action figures. Kyle is stripped down here, with a pair of bright green neon boots. I'm not sure what Kyle was thinking that day...


The Best Kyle Rayner Comics - He should be called the "Chameleon Green Lantern"

Kyle Rayner has undergone several transformations in his relatively recent history. Thankfully his loyal fan base has faithfully followed him through his various incarnations. If you're just getting into Kyle Rayner, then this is definitely a good 'reading list' to start with, since I'll be presenting them in chronological order.

Green Lantern: The Power of Ion
Green Lantern: The Power of Ion

Something strange is happening. Kyle doesn't need to recharge his battery anymore. He doesn't need to eat. He seems to be able to manipulate time and space like it was nothing. What's going on? The most powerful force in the universe has chosen Kyle as a conduit. His new power dwarfs all the Green Lanterns combined. Will the power corrupt him like it did Hal Jordan?

Green Lantern: Rebirth
Green Lantern: Rebirth

The return of Hal Jordan as a hero and member of the Green Lantern corps. Kyle rebuilds the corps himself and ends up having an integral role in resurrecting Hal Jordan. The story of redemption, but also a bittersweet moment as this marked the end of Kyle Rayner as the hero of the main Green Lantern books.


Green Lantern Poll

This poll may have a bias, since you're probably here because you're a fan of Kyle Rayner. But I am curious how popular he is relative to the other Green Lanterns.

Who's Your Favorite Green Lantern

See results
Green Lantern: A New Dawn
Green Lantern: A New Dawn

At the end of Hal Jordan's descent into madness (Emerald Twilight) comes Emerald Dawn, the beginnings of Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern. Kyle takes the responsibilities of being a Green Lantern way too lightly, despite the insistence by his girlfriend that he become more responsible. When a tragic event shakes up his life, Kyle starts to figure out what it might meant to be a hero.


3 Reasons Kyle Rayner Makes a Great Green Lantern:

1. He's an Artist with a Vivid Imagination - Since the power ring can create anything you can imagine, then it stands to reason that having an active imagination would be a great advantage. In fact, when Kyle Rayner first becomes a Green Lantern, other heroes like Superman and Batman comment on how Rayner's creative and unexpected ideas help them defeat villains.

2. He's learning on the job - the whole Green Lantern mythology, with the Guardians, the power battery, the intergalactic peace corps can all be a little overwhelming for first time or casual readers. Since Kyle is learning how his powers work as he goes, he provides a great entry point for readers who aren't familiar with the Green Lantern universe.

3. He Isn't the Best - Whereas other Green Lanterns were chosen because they were the most courageous, the Guardian Ganthet gives Kyle the ring because he happened to be walking by: "You will have to do", Ganthet says, hands him the ring and disappears. It's like those life changing moments that happen to us: they just happen, and we have to figure out how to make the most of it.

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    • Anime-e profile image

      Anime-e 5 years ago

      I loved the action figures, I use to play with my action figure all day!

    • konacoffeeaddicts profile image

      konacoffeeaddicts 5 years ago

      @RichLeighHD: Aw that means a lot, thank you. Let me know if you have any questions about what to read!

    • RichLeighHD profile image

      RichLeighHD 5 years ago

      You know what? Your lens has inspired me to give the Green Lantern a go. It's not a comic that I'm at all familiar with (I've not even actually seen the film so am not actually familiar with any of the green lantern's), but I think the time has come for me to enlighten myself!