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Leaping Linguini, It's the Year of Luigi!

Updated on August 29, 2013

Luigi in the Limelight

After thirty years of rescuing princesses and kingdoms from an overgrown, fire-breathing turtle, a greedy, garlic-loving brute, forces from far-away lands and from outer-space, Mario himself was probably the one to come up with the idea of dedicating an entire year to his "little brother" Luigi in the hopes of catching a bit of a breather. As incredible as it is to believe, it has indeed been thirty years since Luigi appeared alongside Mario on quests that ranged from freeing the sewers of creepy, crazy creatures to jumping from galaxy to galaxy in order to retrieve enough power stars to journey to the center of the universe to do battle with Bowser himself. Without Luigi to back him up, who is to say Mario wouldn't have stumbled somewhere along the way, thus granting a great victory for a villain? Let us celebrate all of Luigi's many contributions to safeguarding the freedom and safety of kingdoms near and far, here in the year 2013 and beyond!

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The Announcement - Nintendo Direct Deals Luigi Fans a Surprise

Your Reaction to 2013 Being Luigi Time All the Time - Did the Spotlight on the Man in Green Announcement Thrill You or Turn You Blue?

Does Luigi Deserve a Year of Focus and Celebration?

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What's Luigi Been Up to So Far This Year?

Hint: He's Been Nothing But a Green Blur

From the Nintendo Wii U to the Nintendo 3DS to physical merchandise to the digital realm, Luigi's been all over the place and shows no signs of slowing down just yet. Of course, it appears he's popping up more in Japan than elsewhere with a Luigi-themed Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle, a Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Soundtrack via Club Nintendo Japan and a host of Japan-exclusive merchandise, but that's not to say that Luigi is ignoring his international fans. There are dedicated Miiverse communities all centered around Luigi, DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U featuring Luigi as the star, a Luigi scrapbook, Swapnote stationary featuring Luigi, two new 3DS games with Luigi as the focus and Luigi-themed events at the Wii U Summer Tour locations. The year isn't over yet, either, so Luigi likely will leap onto the center stage several more times in the coming months!

Luigi's been busy... but has he been busy enough? Up to this point, we've been given New Super Luigi U, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The world was stunned to the point of disbelief when Luigi was recently announced to be in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Super Smash Bros. 3DS. Club Nintendo members in Japan and the U.S. as well as Canada have offered up Luigi-themed rewards and Japan has enjoyed a wave of Luigi-themed merchandise. The 3DS digital realm has lots of Luigi. Is Nintendo doing enough to honor Mario's "little brother"? Answer in the poll below!

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Is Nintendo Doing Enough to Make Luigi's Year a Special One? - As fan of the Man in Green, Do You Feel He's Being Shown the Respect and Appreciation He Deserves

Too Much, Too Little or Just Enough Luigi?

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Stellar Soundtrack - A Look at the Japanese Club Nintendo Year of Luigi Soundtrack

Sadly, we still live in an era where certain regions receive unique video game merchandise. There really is no reason Nintendo couldn't make something like this universally available as it seems like a neat thing for Luigi fans to have. What it is is a soundtrack that is derived from games where Luigi is either the star, like the Luigi's Mansion series, or games where Luigi plays an important role, like Super Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Spin-offs like the Mario Kart and Mario sports titles are also included. No doubt there are fans of the character outside of Japan that would truly enjoy listening to many of these tunes, and it is possible to obtain the soundtrack outside of Japan, just not through the Club Nintendo program. There are a number of eBay listings, which are display below for those that are interested in obtaining a copy of the soundtrack.

Japan-Exclusive Year of Luigi Merchandise - Photos Courtesy of

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New Super Luigi U - It's New Super Mario Bros. U With a Green Twist!

How Super is New Super Luigi U to You? - New Super Luigi U is one of the three Luigi-centric games released this year.

Was This Game Good Enough for Luigi or Did He Deserve Better?

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A Look Back: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

He's Palette Swap No More!

In the real early days of Mario Bros. video games, Luigi wasn't really his own character. While he had a name and different colored clothes, he behaved just like Mario. As we all know, no two people act exactly alike, so Luigi, while technically existed, there wasn't anything substantial that separated him from his brother. This would change for players in Japan first with the release of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. As this game would not see a release outside of Japan until the release of Super Mario All-Stars on the Super Nintendo, Super Mario Bros. 2 serves as the game where players outside of Japan would first notice a difference in how Luigi played compared to Mario.

Playing as Luigi in The Lost Levels can make the game easier and harder at the same time, as others will certainly attest. Like in later games, Luigi's jumping skills outclass Mario's, so if you aren't quite getting the distance you need with Mario, Luigi can provide that little extra boost. The catch comes in the form of traction however, so making precise jumps and movements is going to require an extra degree of compensation and concentration because otherwise, that extra jumping distance is going to send you straight down a bottomless pit or right into a member of the Koopa King's Koopa Troop. Still, having Luigi play differently gave gamers both variety and choice at the time, and it's an option that's appreciated to this day.

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Have You Lost Hours of Your Life Playing Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels? - A Classic, a Dud or Never Played?

Whether It Be the NES Version Or the SNES Super Mario All-Stars Version, Your Opinion of the Game?

See results

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - A 3DS Sequel to a Gamecube Original.

Was Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Scary Good or Horrifyingly Bad? - Did Luigi's Second Ghost Hunt Make You Feel Alive?

Was it worth the more than ten-year wait for a sequel?

See results

A Look Back: Super Mario Bros. 2

Luigi's Still the Best Jumper of Them All

Super Mario Bros. 2 took the variety and diversity offered in the Japanese release of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and expanded on it by presenting gamers with four unique characters to play as. Not at all surprisingly, Luigi was one of the four players could choose from and for gamers outside of Japan, this was the first game that didn't feature Luigi as a carbon copy of Mario, but in different colored clothes.

Luigi isn't the strongest of the four in this game, with Toad and Mario both bringing more muscle to the adventure, but his jumping ability remains second to none. His ability to perform something comparable to a flutter jump could make the platforming parts of levels easier to overcome and being able to jump over multiple enemies' heads can always come in handy. Like with Mario, Toad and the Princess, players could play through every single level as Luigi without ever needing to change characters as the levels were designed to be beatable using any of the four characters.

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Was Super Mario Bros. 2 a Worthy Sequel? - Was the Adventure in Sub-Con Spectacular or Substandard?

Did You Enjoy Super Mario Bros. 2?

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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - An Entirely New 3DS Luigi RPG Adventure

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team: A Dream to Play or Nightmare Experience? - Were Your Eyes Glued to the 3DS or Did You Nearly Fall Asleep From Boredom?

Did the game keep you up at night or did you grow tired of it fast?

See results

A Look Forward: Super Mario 3D World

Luigi Leaps Into a New Adventure Along With Mario, Toad and Princess Peach

Coming to the Wii U in December 2013 is Super Mario 3D World. Just as in Super Mario Bros. 2, players will be able to choose and complete the game with the character of his or her choice, but unlike Super Mario Bros. 2, up to four players can all play at once and go on the adventure together. Think New Super Mario Bros. Wii/U, only in a three dimensional environment, but still with a general emphasis on linearity, so the levels don't appear as wide and open as those found in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

As in previous games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64 DS, Luigi will again be the best jumper of the group. Mario is, as always, the all-around well-rounded character, while Princess Peach utilizes her ability to float in mid-air as she did in Super Mario Bros. 2 and the Super Smash Bros. series and Toad is the speediest of the bunch. As the game comes closer to its release date, more differences between the characters might come to light, but I suspect in order to ensure that the game can be completed with the character of the player's choice, Nintendo will want to limit any differences to being minor ones.

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A Look Into the World of Super Mario 3D World - Coming to Your World December 2013

Your Thoughts on Super Mario 3D World - Do You Want to Join Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach on Their Next Big Adventure?

Are You Looking Forward to Super Mario 3D World?

See results

It's Luigi's Time to Shine! - Check Out Luigi's Newest Adventures

What makes Luigi an interesting character to you? What game do you think showcases Luigi best? Has this been the kind of celebration you were hoping for? Share any thoughts you might have in general below!

Lovers of Luigi - Share Your Thoughts, Feelings and Hopes for the Year of Luigi and More!

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