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Fun Learn To Read Board Games

Updated on March 11, 2013

Best Board Games For Reluctant Readers

As a parent of a reluctant reader I was given advice by a teacher to play learn to read games with him in our spare time. She told me to make it fun and pick a game topic that I think he would like. She also told me to spend a little time with the game everyday till he eventually understood the rules.

We ended up buying a Hooked On Phonics game that worked wonders. He had fun with playing and eventually even was comfortable playing with his older brother. I believe that playing the game helped a lot in teaching him to be a confident reader without stressing him out.

Hooked On Phonics Board Games - Learn To Read Board Games

Each Learn To Read Hooked on Phonics programs include an educational board game, works sheets and books that match reading level.

The hooked on reading program is how I helped my son improve his reading. He was having a tough time at school and needed a little more practice. This at home reading program was took only 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day about every other day. The games was his favorite part, so much in fact we got extra games that dealt with reading to further reinstall what he was learning.

I love the program and would do it again. I a child was not having difficulty with learning but just needed a little more practice just the game would probably be a great way to practice with the family and not make it seem like work.

Learn To Read Board Game For Kids Age Three To Five - Super Why ABC Letter Preschool Game

Super Why was an exciting board game for my son, he was super involved in the game and enjoyed the learning experience. My younger and older son played along with him and learned a few things them self. When we first started playing it I needed to be there right with him so he would not be frustrated, now he can play it with his bothers without me being right there.

Super Why ABC Letter Game
Super Why ABC Letter Game

Super Why board game helps teach and enforce key reading skills such as Alphabet recognition, rhyming, spelling and basic reading skills in a fun way.


Reading Game For Third Graders To Improve Reading - Race to Read (Blue Level: 3.5 - 5.0)

I got this game for my oldest son and have started using it with my second grade son. All my boys love cars and what at better gets their attention while learning then something that they love. The game is for levels third to fifth grade but I have found that it can be used at a little younger if there is supervision to the game to avoid the child getting frustrated.

Race To Read - Blue
Race To Read - Blue

Race To Read board game focuses of reading skills to answer questions on parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, vocabulary, verb tense, and more.


Free Printable Board Games - Learn To Read Board Games

My kids like to play many different games, so buying each one would be very expensive. Every now and then I print out a learn to read board game online. There are many free printable board games available online and they can be used in different ways. If I can not find one to meet my need I will use a free board game templates and make up my own.

To make printable board games fun I like to let them pick out a fun figurine or small car from their toy box to use as game pieces.

Games To Learn To Read

Learn To Read Board Games
Learn To Read Board Games

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