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6 Favorite Lego Animals

Updated on December 18, 2016

What is your favorite Lego Animal?

What is your favorite Lego Animal?

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What is your favorite Lego Animal?

Lego animals are not the main attraction to Lego sets, but they do make the sets interesting. I am going to use the broad term of animals to also include some mythical creatures like dragons, but I will hold short of the many different creatures from Star Wars.

There are many types of lego animals in different sets. Lego Dragons, Bats, and Owls are founds in Castle, Knights, Harry Potter, and Ninjago. Lego Dogs and Cats in City and Friends sets. Lego Horses are found in many different genres.

One thing that Lego friends sets has created is a place to bring many different animals into the lego world. There are butterflies, birds, cats, dogs, horses, dolphins, and even fish (for the cats). The animals have been redesigned as well, becoming more realistic and the lines are rounder and smoother.

Let's explore some of these animals.

Lego Cats

For Lego Cats, I'm looking for sets that have cats in them and I am going to exclude any that have Catwoman. Cats are typically not the main part of a set, but they are in a wide variety of sets. The main colors are White, Black, and Tan.

Let City has a cat in the Fire Chief Car, where the cat is stuck in a tree. Lego Friends again has many different sets with a cat in it. And Lego Creator has a 2,000 piece Lego Pet shot that includes a cat.

The most interesting cat comes from a Lego Creator set called Fury Creatures set 31021 which is a multi block cat, dog, or rabbit.

Lego Cat
Lego Cat

Lego Dogs and Puppies

Lego dogs have long been a staple of lego for ever. There is a German Shephard which has a little black on the nose and comes in many of the Lego City Police sets. I have seen the same dog in other Lego City set 60021, Castle set 70400, and Lego City Coast Guard set 60014. Many versions without the black on the nose, include a dog on the farm,

An interesting dog comes from set #8399, Space Police set with K-9 bot. In 2010, Lego Belville set 7583 had a mother dog, puppy, and a dog house. And lets not forget Fluffy, Hagrid's three-headed dog.

Finally, with the advent of Lego Friends, lego has started a new style of dog that is smoother and a little more friendly. Sets include the Heartlake Dog Show, the Heartlake Dog Salon, a Puppy House, and even a set with a Poodle.

4 Lego dogs.  3 German Shephards and 1 brown dog.
4 Lego dogs. 3 German Shephards and 1 brown dog.

Lego Dragons

Lego Dragons are very cool and come in a variety of sets. Most of the dragons are from different Lego Castle sets.

The Red Dragon has been part of several sets including Castle Dragon Mountain set,

There are many Ninjago Dragons as they are a mainstay in these sets. Ninjago dragons come in many styles, the Lightning Dragon, the Ice Dragon, the Earth Dragon, the Fire Dragon, the Golden Dragon, the Great Devour Dragon, and the Nindroid Mech Dragon.

The Lego Vikings sets are not to be outdown and the following dragons: Armoured Onfir Dragon, Wyvern Dragon, Fafnir Dragon, and the Nidhogg Dragon.

One of the most famous and sought after dragon is from the Harry Potter series. In the Goblet of Fire, Harry battles the Hungarian Horntail which is now a collectors item in the Lego world.

Lego Bats

Lego bats are typically a one piece black bat found in castle sets and sometimes in a Harry Potter set. However, there are a couple of sets where the bats are a little bigger, like the Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle and the Ninja Big Bat set.

Lego Bats
Lego Bats

Lego Horses

The lego horse is a staple throughout many lego sets. The Castle and Knight sets use legos exclusively with some of the sets having black and white skeleton horses. The Harry Potter set has a Thestral which is a horse like creature with wings. Horses also show up in the Lone Ranger sets.

Recently the Lego Friends sets have redesigned the horse to be more rounded giving them more detailed features. This new design can also be seen in the Prince of Persia sets. Horse colors are typically black, brown, and white.

Lego Horses.  One with armor, 3 skeletons, and 3 normal horses.
Lego Horses. One with armor, 3 skeletons, and 3 normal horses.

Lego Owls

Lego Owls were very scarce, popping up in a few castle sets here and there. They were very plain, all one color, typically black or brown. With the introduction of Lego Harry Potter, owls became more plentiful and were given additional features like feathers and eyes. Hedwig also introduced a white lego owl to the collection.

3 Lego Owls from Harry Potter
3 Lego Owls from Harry Potter

Lego Friends Animals

The Lego Friends has introduced some interesting new animals. Dolphins are present in many of the water sets. A redesigned horse provides a more realistic looking equestrian scene. Dogs and cats are cute, and there are even puppies. And let's not forget everything that lives on flowers and trees including ladybugs, birds, parrots, and bees.

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Lego Bird in a birdhouse.Lego Insects.  Two ladybugs and one butterfly
Lego Bird in a birdhouse.
Lego Bird in a birdhouse.
Lego Insects.  Two ladybugs and one butterfly
Lego Insects. Two ladybugs and one butterfly

What is your favorite Lego Animal?

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    • profile image

      angelatvs 3 years ago

      I like the spotted horse that comes with the Native American sets.

    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 3 years ago from Europe

      I voted dragons, but those bats are adorable.

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      I don't have a favorite especially, but I do enjoy your lenses. What a fun niche!