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Picturesque Advent Calendars For Kids

Updated on September 18, 2015

Lego Advent Calendar For Kids

The LEGO City Advent Calendar quickly brings the holiday scene into your children's thoughts with a special sense of belonging to something bigger then themselves. Every day is filled with surprises. Each day, your kids can open a window of the advent calendar box and find another Lego.

They discover LEGO City equipment, mini-figures, and much much more. This includes a Christmas tree with its own decorations and a fireplace that adds to the warmth of the situation as the the days to Christmas unfolds. It is never to late or early in the season to introduce your kids to this treasonable gift.

There are 24 Christmas-themed surprises as a part of the 257 pieces that come neatly packaged with the Lego set . And this is only one of the other advent calendar Lego sets feature on this lens.

Take your time and enjoy the view as you muddle over the idea of bringing one of these toy sets into your home and watch your kids eyes brighten.

A Great Lego City Advent Calendar Set. - This Lego City Advent Calendar Can Become A Great Gift.

LEGO City 2250 Advent Calendar
LEGO City 2250 Advent Calendar

The gifts included with this package of advent calendar pieces are six mini figures which breakout as two police men, two robbers, one fisher and one Santa Claus all maintaining the high quality established by the Lego manufacturing policy.

As time passes, you can use bricks from three different gift days to construct even bigger models. This means that you will enjoy 24 days of expanding experiences that will surely provide loads of fun. This is only a small list of the pieces Included with this city advent calendar set.

There are also two cool snowmobiles, a police dog, a Christmas tree and a mini police station all glistening and ready to become a part of your holiday fun.


More Advent Calendars on Amazon. - Here is a Worthwhile Choice of a Lego City Advent Calendar.

LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar 4428
LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar 4428

It's Christmas time аgаіn but Santa's sleigh іѕ stuck іn thе forest snow! Hе nееdѕ hеlр frоm thе Lego City forest fire department. Open а door еvеrу day, December 1–24, tо reveal thе minifigures, models аnd accessories thаt Santa nееdѕ tо gеt hіm out. Onlу уоu саn hеlр free Santa's sleigh іn time fоr Christmas!

Sometimes its the simple feelings that bring you to the satisfying point of saying to yourself: "this is what I was looking for".

Nonetheless, this Lego city advent calendar has all of the pieces you would expect from this brand. The children will enjoy this toy as much as any of the rest and their imaginations will sparkle through out the Christmas season.

Don't miss out on this current price even if you need to store the gift for almost a year.


Picturesque Toy Sets Offer Many Winter And Community Images That Will Trigger Warm And Good Intentions!

The Lego sets displayed in this hub were chosen to represent traditional winter and Christmas values sponsored for many years by the great people that built this country through their own individual effort and have established a history in the form of these colorful toys.

Since there is plenty of room in these Lego sets to explore the winter solstice along with or besides religious sentiment, you will find that your children will respond to any and all philosophic narratives you feel they deserve.

The picturesque toy sets offer a large array of winter and community images that will trigger many solid and warm emotions of good intentions that can only help the child discover an important aspect to the holidays.

A Popular Lego City Advent Calendar. - This is one of the better Lego City Advent Calendars

LEGO City Advent Calendar (7907)
LEGO City Advent Calendar (7907)

Here is a building set of Lego pieces that tie the Advent calendar count--down of 24 days to the coming of Christmas. Each day offers a new window of discovery as the surprise is revealed when your child removes the Lego piece from behind the window.

The pieces and objects of the set also establish a decorative atmosphere during the entire holiday season. There are 232 pieces contributing to a festive play-city of equipment and mini-figures including a Christmas tree and fireplace adding to the overall spirit normally occurring during this time of the year.

All of these holiday trimmings come packed into this set and is recommended for ages five to twelve years old.


A Winter Toy Shop - A Toy Set That Could Last All Year - Beyond The Holidays.

LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10199
LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10199

Here is a winter toy workshop that can be in play all year. Each season followed by another gives the toy shop more things to do with the Lego toy train and the shiny robot car that continues to be fun to play with.

There are so many things to get done in the realistic toy shop that your kids will find it difficult to put the set aside for long without returning to it during the course of a year to rekindle the spirit of toy making in the winter shop with the warm light showing through the window.


Video - Typical Advent Calendar Reviewed.

Review Comments - What is your opinion about Lego City Advent Calendars?

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