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LEGO City Fire Station - Model 60004

Updated on January 17, 2015

Model kits and Lego’s, two things I enjoyed building while I was growing up. There are three kits that I would always have and build. The Fire Station, the Hospital and the police station. Two smaller kits I have are a plane and a police set. All of these I still have but the Fire Station. I have the directions and most of the parts. It’s at this point I can guilt my little sister.

Anyways the fire house was one of my favorites because both my dad and grandfather were volunteer firemen. Growing up we were always at the fire house helping dad. One of the most fun things we got to do was at 5 PM. And that was pushing one button that would set the alarm off to let the town know what time it was. As kids of firemen we also knew what the patterns of the fire whistle meant. Depending on what they were we knew what street they would be going to. And this was long before scanners came into play.

Looking back I remember building these play sets. I would lay out the pieces by size, type, color and so on. Then looking at the directions I would put it together just as the directions would say. Unlike my kids I tended to stick just to the pictures. They are a lot more creative. Even building the alternate buildings was not something I did. I tried it “once”. It came out correct but just did not feel right. When I was done building and playing I would take it apart and the pieces were put back in the box in the same order as I took them out. By size, type, color and so on so that they would be ready for the next time.

Even today when my kids play with these sets they know to put them back in the same order I did. Of course it’s scary that today I don’t need the directions to build the sets with. Even though it’s been many years since I was a kid the patterns are still engrained in my head.

Here are some additional LEGO play sets that will go nicely with the Fire Station listed above.

LEGO City Police Forest Station 4440
LEGO City Police Forest Station 4440

Every fire station needs a good set of police to back them up.

LEGO City Hospital
LEGO City Hospital

And the hospital. Both the fireman and the police spend time helping here.


Except for the one add from the 1950's I have seen most of these adds and some of the sets being show.

How to Make a Simple LEGO Cake
How to Make a Simple LEGO Cake

Of the three or four which would be your choice?

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