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Duplo Castles

Updated on May 31, 2013

Duplo Knight and Castle sets

LEGO has created a couple of Duplo Castle sets so toddlers and young children can play with knights and dragons. The popular building blocks work really well with the medieval theme and the sets are bound to bring joy and many hours of creative play and motoric exploration for the recepient.

If you are looking to buy a Duplo Castle or Knight, then you have come to the right place. I have gathered the Medieval Duplo sets in this article so you can easily pick your favourite one. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift or a Christmas present LEGOs Duplo set should work perfectly for both boys and girls.

One of my favourite things about Duplo in general is the high quality and sturdiness of the blocks. If you buy any of these sets, they will most likely last and be in such a good shape that you can pass them on when your child has outgrown the Duplo stage.

Picture courtesy of Amazon

Duplo Castle set with Evil Knight and good Warrior Soldiers

Duplo Set Castle by Lego - 4864
Duplo Set Castle by Lego - 4864

This Duplo castle set comes complete with 2 knights and an evil rider. It also has a cannon that can be used to besiege the castle. Finally the gate can be raised and lowered allowing your child to develop their fine motor skills.

The suggested age range for the castle is 3-6 years as it does contain small parts.


Duplo Knights' Castle set

LEGO Duplo: Knights' Castle
LEGO Duplo: Knights' Castle

The Knights' Castle set is a big block fort that includes 4 Duplo minifigs 2 Dragon Knights and 2 defending good Knights.

The set also comes with a catapult so the evil knights can knock down the castle walls. If you want a durable toy that spurs imagination and creativity, then this is fantasitc value for money as LEGO and Duplo usually can be passed down through generations.


Duplo Castle Tower

Lego - Defense Tower - Duplo
Lego - Defense Tower - Duplo

The Defense Tower is a smaller Duplo set, that is a bit easier to put together than the bigger ones. There is plenty of playtime in it though as it comes with a siege tower, the castle tower and 2 knights that can battle it out.

This is also a fantastic addition to either of the two full Duplo towers above and will help your child create an entire Duplo fortification.


Dragon Tower by LEGO Duplo

LEGO Duplo: Dragon Tower
LEGO Duplo: Dragon Tower

The Dragon Tower Duplo set has a moat with a drawbridge that leads to the tower itself. It also comes with two Dragon Knights and of course with the Dragon itself.

I find the dragon extremely cute and it is bound to be a succes with a child as it can flap its wings up and down when going into battle.


Duplo Castle Treasure Carriage

Lego Duplo Castle 4862 AMBUSH!
Lego Duplo Castle 4862 AMBUSH!

The Duplo Ambush set has 2 knights that can fight over the treasure from the treasure wagon.

There is also a horse that drags the vehicle.

Great little Duplo set to stand alone or be used in combination with the Castle sets above.


Amazon Spotlight Personal Review

LEGO DUPLO: Castle Black Dragon
LEGO DUPLO: Castle Black Dragon

This Dragon and Knight Duplo set is certain to be a hit with boys and girls that loves Medieval themed toys. The dragon can flap its wings and it can open its mouth.

You can mount a knight on the back of the dragon so he can ride into battle on the flying Duplo monster.


Duplo Knight

LEGO Duplo: Knight and Squire
LEGO Duplo: Knight and Squire

A valiant knight with his brave squire is what you get from this set. Great as an additon for the castle sets so your child can set up large scale battles.

The set has 21 pieces and of course includes the white knights horse as well.


Duplo Castle set from eBay

You can often find cheap Duplo on eBay. Especially if you do not mind if the blocks are a bit used, it will be possible to find a real bargain.

Who are you buying Duplo Castles for?

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      Camden1 5 years ago

      I'm just strolling down memory lane - my kids loved Duplos when they were little.