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LEGO Friends Olivia Speedboat Set

Updated on September 15, 2015

Olivia Speedboat LEGO Set

Lego sets for girls have hit the scene with a huge popular response. One of the most popular is the Olivia Speedboat LEGO Set which gives girls a fabulous LEGO experience in a realm they will enjoy.

They can play with the blocks and play set t as they would with dolls and traditional accessories. Yet, you are assured your daughter or grand daughter is going to have the resources to expand her imagination.

This allows them to find new ways to use creative thought, problem solving, and to learn more about the world as they build their motor skills - all-the-while having fun!

Many girls have missed out on the opportunities LEGO brand has to offer because they weren't interested in the themes the blocks were available in and now all that has changed.

So you are often going to find remarkable Lego sets for girls in Lego pink, or in the infamous Lego Friends sets like this one.

Olivia Speedboat Set

There are a number of top Christmas toys but the Olivia Speedboat Set offers your girl the best opportunity to begin that important self-learning time of imaginative wonder.

Product Features

LEGO Friends Olivia Speedboat Set

Sand castles, shovel, beach towel, and more are included in this LEGO Friends Olivia Speedboat Set for your little girl to have a fabulous time playing in the world of LEGO with Olivia mini doll figure to enjoy anything she can imagine.

Recommended for ages 5 - 12 there are 65 pieces in all to give your child hours of imaginative playtime and experiences on the beach where she can daydream and learn all at the same time.

  • 65 pieces included in this set including Olivia the mini-doll figure
  • Blocks and pieces (such as an umbrella, sand castle, and other beach accessories) for your child to engage in imaginative play
  • Compatible with other LEGO Friends sets so you can expand the playtime opportunities
  • Speedboat included for hours of fun in an imaginary waterway, lake, or ocean
  • LEGO Friends for girls are a great way to introduce girls to the educational fun the boys have been enjoying for many years
  • Same durability as traditional LEGO and compatible with all regular sized LEGO sets

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LEGO Friends Olivia Speedboat Set Ratings And Review Summary

What are people saying about the LEGO Friends Olivia Speedboat Set

Recommendations are a great way to find out what customers are saying. The LEGO friends speedboat set has high ratings for durability, educational, and fun elements. Overall the customers are saying girls (even grown up girls) love them and are looking forward to building collections of all the LEGO Friends sets to build 'cities' and expand the play area where they can build, create, imagine, and have fun. And with all the top Christmas toys in the market place crowding each other out, you cannot go wrong choosing the Olivia Speedboat Set as your starter.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars possible with less than average number of customer reviews for this summary:

  • Great theme and colors for girls LEGO Friends are cute and we can't get enough of them
  • Daughters, Grand Daughters, and Wives love them
  • Great kid friendly instructions and plenty of originality opportunities as well
  • Small parts so not recommended for children under 5

With the introduction of LEGO Friends for girls the sets have also been added over time to create a long list of options for girls legos.

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