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LEGO Lord of the Rings

Updated on July 21, 2012

LEGO and LOTR - What's not to Love?

Everybody loves LEGO. And the recent film trilogy proves that a lot of people like Lord of the Rings. So, with two such overlapping groups, you'd expect there to be a lot of people building Lord of the Rings LEGO models.

And you'd be right! There are all kinds of models of scenes from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit (both the movies and the books) that have been rendered in LEGO by various enthusiasts. On this page, I'll link to all kinds of LEGO Lord of the Rings creations and pages. Keep reading to see more!

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lego lord of the rings
lego lord of the rings

LEGO LotR Links

Be sure to come back and check out all these links!

Obi-Juan-Kenobi's LOTR Models - This is the Brickshelf gallery of Obi-Juan-Kenobi, who has created a lot of great LotR models and minifigs. The picture to the right is from his model of Bag End.

LOTR Decals - As this page says, this is all the decals you could ever need to make custom LEGO LOTR characters. Everything from Gil-galad to Orcs!

Hobbit Hole - This is a great model of a hobbit hole by

LOTR Video Game - Speculation about a possible LEGO LotR Video Game! They've done Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, so why not?


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    • punkgrinder profile image

      punkgrinder 6 years ago

      I so hope they actually make Lego Lord of the Rings, it would be great and my kids would love it. I do think it's possible especially since the Hobbit will be coming out.