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Best Ever LEGO Space Shuttle Sets

Updated on November 13, 2015

Best LEGO Sets for Space Adventurers

These fantastic LEGO Space Shuttle sets are the perfect gift for that budding astronaut or space program enthusiast.

I have been intrigued with the U.S. Space program for years, you could say since John F Kennedy proclaimed that Americans would put a man on the moon. (Yes, I am that old). I recall sitting glued to the television listening to the commentary of news anchor Walter Cronkite for the Apollo 11 moon landing and hearing Neil Armstrong's infamous words as he stepped foot on the moon surface.

The evolution of space travel has been an amazing achievement, from those days of rocket launches to the creation of Space Shuttles on a mission to build habitable Space Stations. If you ever have a chance to visit Kennedy Space Center in Florida or the Johnson Space Center in Texas by all means do so as it is an experience you will never forget.

Since the Space Shuttle program came to an end in 2011 give your space buff the memorable gift of a first class LEGO Space Shuttle set, they will be ecstatic! If you're that buff, grab one for yourself and just pretend that Santa sent it.

Images courtesy of Amazon and NASA

Watch Again or for the First Time as Man Lands On the Moon

LEGO Space Shuttle sets are a terrific way to spark kid's imaginations about the space program

Shuttle Missions

The U.S. Space Shuttle program was initiated to design a spacecraft that would be manned and reusable it has experienced phenomenal highs and disastrous lows.

The first missions launched in 1981 served only as orbital test flights, operational missions began the following year 1982. Only four shuttles were built during this era, the Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis and Challenger all were memorable and successful until the Challenger disaster in the 1986. In total 135 missions were launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Some may recall Sally Ride who passed away July 2012 made landmark history as the first woman in space June 18, 1983.

LEGO Space Shuttle 3367

This great, very popular, introductory LEGO Space Shuttle set is geared for ages 5 - 12 and comes with only 231 pieces making it a quick and easy set to put together.

The kit comes with a Hubble Space Telescope and one astronaut, plus the cargo bays open. Great for imaginary missions!

Customer Raves:

  • "Amazing set!"
  • "Great toy for a 5 year old"
  • "LEGO does not disappoint"

LEGO Shuttle Adventure 10213

This Space Shuttle set is a terrific build, it comes with 2 instruction booklets and amazing detail.

The kit includes the shuttle, fuel tank, rocket boosters, robotic arm, satellite, moveable pieces, astronauts, and maintenance vehicle. Terrific set for the passionate Space enthusiast.

Customer Raves:

  • “3, 2,1 BLASTOFF!!
  • “Best LEGO set I’ve owed”
  • “An absolutely stunning piece of LEGO!”

LEGO Shuttle Expedition 10231

This is a partially redesigned version of the Space Shuttle 10213 set, it is a big, complex and engrossing kit ideal for older kids and adults alike.

The kit comes with 1230 pieces, 3 mini-figure astronauts, detachable fuel tank and booster rockets. The cargo compartment and cockpit opens and it even includes a maintenance vehicle. Great for young imaginations or office display.

Customer Raves:

  • "Made me feel like a kid again"
  • "Best LEGO out there!"
  • "Fun and good price"

LEGO Technic Space Shuttle 8480

Now this set is definitely not your beginner model.

This set introduced in 1996 features a fiber optic system to light the engines, motorized bay doors, robot arms, and satellite, a technology no longer used in the Technic series. Includes 1366 pieces and is great for those teen years.

Customer Raves:

  • "Advanced yes, but love it!"
  • "Intricate and wonderfully designed"
  • "One of the best Technic sets ever"

Building the LEGO 10231

Space Shuttle Poll

Have you witnessed a Space Shuttle Lift-Off?

See results

NASA Space Centers

Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas established in 1961 is the home to Mission Control the command center for all Space Shuttle missions and International Space Station activities as well as the headquarters of all astronauts training. As the #1 tourist attraction in Houston it is a must-see destination.

What can you see when you visit?

  • The NASA Tour - highlights of astronaut training, robotics, and exploration vehicles
  • Blast Off Theater - experience the excitement of launching into space
  • Astronaut and Starship Gallery - see real space suits and starship artifacts while tracing the advancement of America's Manned Space Flight
  • Kids Space Place - where every kid can fulfill their dream of becoming an astronaut

Kennedy Space Center near Orlando, Florida established in 1962 is the home to the Space Shuttle Program and the U.S. Launch headquarters. It is where the moon launch took place and where current Mars exploration missions blast off. A visit to Kennedy Space Center is an out-of-this-world experience you will never forget.

What can you see when you visit?

  • Tour inside the Gates of Launch Pad 39-A - the launch site of the Space Shuttles and the Apollo Saturn V moon rockets
  • Tour inside the Vehicle Assembly - where rockets are assembled and the shuttle crawler resides.
  • Tour the Launch Control Center - view the room where all 21 Shuttle launches took place, with its "count-down" clock and video monitors.
  • Watch an actual Rocket Launch

LEGO Satellite Launch Pad 3366

This LEGO Launch Pad is a must component of any LEGO Space Collection, how else can creative minds launch their Space Shuttles?

This is a fun starter set geared for ages 5 – 12 and comes with only 165 pieces, a technician mini-figure, truck, and satellite. Great for planning upcoming missions!

Customer Raves

  • “Great fun for young and not so young”
  • “Better and a little bigger than I thought”
  • “Christmas morning thumbs up!”

LEGO Space Center 3368

This fully involved LEGO Space Center will be buzzing with activity. Geared to ages 6 - 12 this set comes with 494 pieces, 2 astronauts, an operator and a mechanic mini-figures, plus a count-down clock, fuel tank, and tool station.

This set is very detailed but comes with easy to follow instructions; it even has an elevator that goes up and down. A very fun LEGO overall.

Customer Raves:

  • "Shooting for the stars!"
  • "Very good present for a little boy!"
  • "Lots of fun and imagination for a 5 year old!"

LEGO Education Space and Airport Set 779335

This very complete set includes 1176 pieces for constructing 15 different crafts from space shuttles, to satellites, airplanes, and helicopters.

As part of the LEGO Education series the set comes with 5 activity cards to aid in assembly.

Customer Raves:

  • "Endless Fun"
  • "Lots of parts, lots of projects"
  • "Fun, but not like other LEGO sets"

LEGO Town Shuttle Launch Command 6339

This set is very realistic with a fully functional launch pad crane that can actually lift the shuttle off the crawler.

Originally released in 1995 this package includes 564 pieces, 1 astronaut, 1 scientist, and 2 crewman.

The shuttle comes with the tank and 2 rocket boosters for lifelike space center activities.

Customer Raves:

  • "I am surprised at how my son took to this toy"
  • "Great LEGO Fun!"
  • "Only set I found with a crawler"

Building the LEGO 3368 and More

LEGO Discovery International Space Station

This awesome replica of the International Space Station is a wonderful addition to LEGO Space sets.

Geared to kids age 9 and older this set comes with only 162 pieces, and features the Space Shuttle Atlantis with detachable rocket boosters. The Space Station with solar panels that move makes a great gift.

Customer Raves:

  • "Fun to play with"
  • "A great bit of LEGO"
  • "OK but not the current model of the ISS"

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