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LEGO Star Wars Hoth Echo Base 7749

Updated on February 2, 2015

Recreate Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back

Help Han Solo and the rebels make preparations to escape the incoming Imperial attack.

The LEGO Star Wars Hoth Echo Base (7749) is available now, and an awesome entry into the world of LEGO Star Wars. The packaging reads that it is intended for ages 7 - 12, but Star Wars collectors of all ages will love this set. It contains 155 pieces, and comes with mini-figures and some great extras.

Lego Star Wars Hoth Echo Base Attack!
Lego Star Wars Hoth Echo Base Attack!

Battle for Echo Base

The centerpiece of this set is Echo Base itself. On the top side of the missile launcher is a compartment perfect for seating one of your minifigs. The missle tower's top hatch can rest in the up or down position. Inside the tower itself is enough space to store another mini figure and close the door to hide him. This space is surprisingly roomy for a LEGO Star Wars piece.

The Echo Base control panel has a kind of catapult system within it, which you can use to enhance the playability of this set. There is a long black tube on the front of the control area that attaches back to the missile tower. The Base also contains a storage box for weapons or other items you may wish to store.

Lego Hoth Han Solo
Lego Hoth Han Solo

Great Minifigures with this set...

This set includes a Han Solo mini figure, dressed in cold weather gear with a great snow hood. His torso also features some binocular printing along with detailed clothing including a holster and belt. Included also are Rebel Troopers, with a new working visor that flips up and down for use. His tan coat, white backpack, and familiar torso markings will look familiar to LEGO Star Wars enthusiasts. There are two in this package, and one includes a long blast rifle. Included also is a Snow Trooper, with a helmet that detaches along with the backpack. This is all one piece. With his helmet/backpack removed, this figure has no printing on the back of his torso.

The other Snow Trooper in the set can be used to shoot the included E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster, a cool weapon indeed. The E-Web Repeating Blaster is gray and black, with support legs and an imposing barrel. There is a power box affixed to it that you can remove if you wish.

The set features a brand new Tauntaun. With moveable horns and some menacing eyes, this figure is an improvement over earlier versions in LEGO Star Wars sets. He’s got a seating space for your Han figure, and some binoculars.

A little about Empire

This set is inspired by the Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is the second film and the fifth chapter in the film series by George Lucas. Originally released in 1980, the film has proved to be one of the most popular films of the series among many fans and critics.

The movie was released in 1980 and then re-released again with more digital effects. While Lucas lauded the digital effects, many fans prefer the original release.

Lego Star Wars Hoth Wampa
Lego Star Wars Hoth Wampa

Wampa Attack!

a great compliment to Echo Base

A great compliment to the Echo Base set is this Lego Star Wars Wampa Attack set. The set recreates Luke's captivity in the ice cave and his escape from the Wampa. Use this plus the Echo Base set to recreate Luke's full rescue at the beginning of Empire Strikes Back.


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