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Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Updated on February 15, 2014
Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Luxerion Main Quests Walkthrough
Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Luxerion Main Quests Walkthrough

In Lightning Returns Fighting Fantasy XIII, Lightning is summoned from her deep slumber by her god to gather the souls of Nova Chrysalis in anticipation of the end of the world. Lightning starts off at the palace where she tries to chase Snow, only for her chase to be cut off by a room sealed off by Chaos. She is teleported to the Ark and then starts her quests in Luxerion, the holy capital. This will guide the heroine primarily through chapter 1 of her quest as the savior in Luxerion as she tries to find the clues and save innocent women who look like her from being slaughtered by cultists. Finally, she confronts the shadow hunter Noel and must defeat Noel Kreiss in her quest to convince him that the world is worth saving. This initial walkthrough will also guide the heroine on the location of the important shops in Nova Chrysalia.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Defeat Zaltys in A Different Snow

When Lightning descends into the palace at Yusnaan, Snow runs. In Lightning's eyes, Snow has changed. It is a different Snow. Lightning chases Snow. She must confront some monsters including the Anubys and eventually must defeat the beast Zaltys.

After defeating Zaltys, Lightning realizes that Snow is trapped behind closed doors inside some chaos flux. Lightning cannot proceed further. Lightning is summoned by Hope to the Ark.

Get items in the perimeter of the Ark
Get items in the perimeter of the Ark

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII the Ark

The Ark is like a base for Lightning, probably sited somewhere in heaven. Lightning will have to return to the ark at 6 am every day. Every time Lightning returns to the Ark, there is something to collect around the perimeter of the ark. This will include the following -

  • Weapons
  • Garbs
  • Shields
  • Ep abilities.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII the trophy station in the Ark - fight the Zaltys again to return to the world below.
Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII the trophy station in the Ark - fight the Zaltys again to return to the world below.
  • The first time that the player visits the Ark, Lightning is unable to return to Nova Chrysalis until she has talked to Hope and reenacted the battle against Zaltys through the trophy station.
  • Then step through the warp machine (about next to the trophy station) and get to Luxerion.

Luxerion Important Maps

The important stores are located around the North and South Station and the Old Town.
The important stores are located around the North and South Station and the Old Town.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Luxerion Walkthrough

  • Map of Luxerion

The important shops are -

  • the innkeeper (North Station) - allows rest and time to pass.
  • the outfitter (North Station) - allows for outfits to be fitted onto Lightning for cosmetic purposes.
  • sorcery shop (Old Town) - allows for synthesis of abilities which will make them more powerful.
  • the forge (Old Town) - this allows purchase of weapons and shields, which when combined with garbs will make up the schematas.
  • general store (South Station) - this allows for purchase of potions. Potions can also be purchased at the Ark using EP.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII the Evil Savior Quest

  • The evil savior quest

The heretics have struck terror into the hearts of the residents of Luxerion. They have kidnapped women who look like Lightning and then murder them. They believe Lightning is the evil savior.

  • Speak to the inquisitor to accept the main Luxerion quest.
  • Then speak to various people including the surveyor on top of the building.
  • Speak to the station attendant and solve the where is Holmes side quest.
  • Speak to the store owners (the outfitters and the innkeeper) around the North Station.
  • Speak to more people around the North Station.
  • Learn valuable information about the heretics and the goddess' disciples.
  • Report to the inquisitor. The gates around the North Station will be opened.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Follow the Goddess's Disciples Discreetly

At a certain time, the cultists or herectics will gather. Stay in the shadows and tail the goddess's disciples discreetly.

The goddess's disciples will be seen to be using a really old conventional payphone and then enter the forsaken graveyard.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Find the Code

This could be a really infuriating quest. However, with this walkthrough, the four numbers for the code can be found in -

  1. the first number is in the Wharf of the Faithful in the Commercial District. A pilgrim standing at the side of the street will tell Lightning of seeing a wall with the number.
  2. the second number is in the back alleys of the Warehouse District.
  3. the third number is near the South Station.
  4. the fourth and last number is in the Warren north of the Old Town. The Warren will only open after midnight.

Go back to the payphone and dial the right number and get into the forsaken graveyard.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Defeat the Heretics in the Rites for a Goddess

The next part of the game is really easy. Run into the forsaken graveyard and through to the ritual site. Then watch the cut scene as the shadow hunter arrives to help Lightning defeat the cultists. Lightning can attempt to defeat the monsters along the way, but for a continuation of the storyline, it is better just to run and reach the main quest marker at the graveyard.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Hunter in Light and Shadow

Finally, go into the warrens and heretics stronghold and chase after the shadow hunter Noel. The heroine must jump past some elevated buildings and stay above ground. Otherwise risk falling into the grounds below and taking more fanatics.

Finally reach Noel Kreiss and defeat him. Lightning may have to collect EP abilities and garb and improve on her battle schemata as before she can defeat Noel Kreiss. In this case, Lightning has obtained the following battle schemata -

  • the Knight of Etro (good for attacks, and looks good)
  • Red Mage (allows for magical attacks)
  • Shining Prince (allows for HP auto - regeneration)

Lightning will also have returned to the Ark more than once by this time. Get the Arise EP ability. Lightning will likely need it against Noel Kreiss. When finishing this quest, save all the EP points for the final battle with Noel Kreiss.

With the defeat of Noel Kreiss, the station attendants will start selling tickets. Purchase your tickets using Gil and get on the train to the next stage of the game - Yusnaan.


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