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Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Yusnaan Main Quest Walkthrough

Updated on February 20, 2014

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Yusnaan Boss Fight

The main aim of the Yusnaan main quest walkthrough is to reach Snow Villiers and defeat the chaos in him.
The main aim of the Yusnaan main quest walkthrough is to reach Snow Villiers and defeat the chaos in him.

In Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, the heroine Lightning travels to Yusnaan after she is allowed to purchase a train ticket from the ticket attendant at the north station. Within Yusnaan, Lightning will have to get into the Augur's Quarter in front of the palace. To do this, she needs a palace ID. After this, Lightning will need to get into the palace and then get into Snow's chambers and find out what has happened to him. This will guide the heroine on how to get into the Augur's Quarter and then palace, and how to defeat Snow.

  • Note that the ticket attendants at the north station will only start selling tickets after the main quest in Luxerion has been completed.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Yusnaan Map

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII City of Yusnaan Guide

The city of Yusnaan is divided into the following areas:

  • Yusnaan Station
  • Industrial Area: Gate
  • Industrial Area
  • the Glutton's Quarter
  • Central Avenue
  • Warehouse District
  • the Reveler's Quarter
  • the Augur's Quarter
  • the Palace
  • the Patron's Palace

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII The Great Break In Quest

  • Lightning will have to get into the Angur's quarter, This is the Great Break In quest.

First head to the area just outside the Augur's Quarter and speak to the knowledgeable tourist. The knowledgeable tourist will inform Lightning that entry into the Augur's Quarter requires an ID. However, the heroine can still get into the Augur's Quarter. There is a special tour guide selling a ticket known as the great break in special.

Lightning will come back down and spot this tour guide standing in a corner near the gates into the Augur's Quarter. He is dressed in an odd but colourful costume. Approach him and buy the ticket from him. However, this special break in tour will not happen until 6.00 pm.

The heroine needs to head into the industrial area and approach the gatekeeper that will accept the ticket. The industrial area is full of monsters, including the ultra defensive Gurangatch. Defeat these monsters and then speak to the gatekeeper. Either do this at 6.00 pm or move time forward to 6.00 pm.

At 6.00 pm, head into the industrial area and climb the stairs to the tunnel that will lead to the palace. Defeat the monsters in this area to do this. However, at the last minute, Lumina appears, talks and then summons a Cyclops to attack Lightning. Defeat the Cyclops.

After defeating the Cyclops, Lightning thinks she is victorious. However, the Cyclops crashes the platform in the industrial area, and the platform collapses sending Lightning into the tunnels below.

  • Pick up an ID somewhere here.

Go through the tunnel and emerge in the area just outside the Augur's Quarter. With the ID, go inside the Augur's Quarter.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII the Legend of the Savior Quest

Hope comes up with an elaborate plan. If Lightning can convince the director of the theater to up his fireworks in his show tonight, then the explosive fire from the fireworks will bring down the statue of god and form a bridge through which the heroine can cross to the palace. These are the steps to get all the fireworks required.

  • First go into the Angus quarter and go up the stairs to meet with the director.
  • Tell him that he needs more fireworks. Surprisingly, the director says yes.
  • Now go to the fireworks boss in the angus quarter and tell him he needs more fireworks. For the story to go on, everyone says yes.
  • Now it's a race against time. Go out and get the fireworks from the following places - the cactus statue and the food market square.
  • Eventually, the heroine will get to the sloppy and then the drunk fireworks worker.
  • The drunk fireworks worker will demand the Bacchus's Brew from Lightning.
  • Go to the Banquet restaurant and get the Bacchus's Brew from the bartender.
  • Return to the drunk fireworks worker and get the fireworks.
  • If the heroine starts at 2130 and runs around nonstop, then she will get all the fireworks on time for the setup.
  • Return to the fireworks boss by 0030 to finish this quest and avoid waiting another day.
  • Lightning will get 12 fireworks by running around and getting the required fireworks.
  • Speak to the director after this. Lightning will want the role of the savior in the play. The director is OK with this but only if Lightning wins herself a costume at the battle arena the Slaughterhouse.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Defeat the Monsters in the Slaughterhouse

Lightning will need to go to the battlefield arena and win three battles. Only the final battle against the Zaltys Brimstone will be shown here.

After this, Lightning will get the midnight garb - Midnight Mauve. Customize this garb and put on this costume and then head back to the director.

Watch and enjoy the cut scene and then enter the palace.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII the Solitary Patron

After the statue of god topples, Lightning gets across into the -

  • Palace passageways

Running through the palace passageways is easy. Simply follow the corridor. Lightning can even avoid the monsters if she runs tactically. However, the easy passage through the corridors ends after Lightning activates and gets past the first switch.

The second and third switches are harder and Lightning may have to fight through some monsters.

After this Lightning will come to a guard that has come to his senses. He wants to sell potions and phoenix down potions to Lightning in an attempt to help her save Snow the patron.

  • Purchase at least two phoenix down potions from him and then head further inwards. Phoenix down potions will allow Lightning to be revived after she falls.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Snow's Chamber

Lightning will initially get to a door sealed by ice. There is no way through. Lightning doubles back and finds her way into Snow's chamber. The key here is to fight her way to the area before a room guarded by two anubys. Defeat them.

Go inside Snow's chamber and get the pendant that Serah has left for Snow. Go back to the ice door and penetrate through the ice. Go inside and meet with Snow. There is a lengthy dialogue between Snow and Lightning. Then Snow absorbs the chaos and becomes Cie'th.

Lightning Returns Snow Villiers Stagger Conditions

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Defeat Snow

To defeat Snow Villiers, make sure that lightning has at least

  • 6 Ep points (for Arisen three times)
  • Phoenix down potions
  • Healing potions

Snow can be staggered if Lightning attacks when the enemy is using Chaos Charge. There are other conditions too. Use the most powerful attacks on him when he is staggered. Defeat Snow Villiers and watch the cut scene as Lightning tries to turn him back from the Cie'th he has become.

Next up, the wilderness.


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